Sunday, June 11, 2017

Transferencia #6

May 13, 2017

Hey family! 

You might be wondering why I titled my message Transferência #6 because I 
obviously have more than six transfers in my mission. It's because I'll be staying 
in the area!!!! WHOOO HOO! This will all ready be my sixth transfer in this area! 
I cant believe I have all ready been in this area this long. It feels like I just got here
yesterday. At the end of this transfer I'll have the same amount of time in this 
area than all my other areas combined. It really has been a crazy experience here 
and I still have a lot of experiences to have. 

These next 6 weeks should be pretty crazy. Presidente will be leaving and President 
Chamberlain will be getting here in 7 weeks. That will be a crazy change and will
be interesting to see what will happen.

I'm still here with Elder Soper. This will be our 6th transfer together too! I don't think anybody
else has probaly had a comp. for that long. It's great though because Elder Soper 
is really cool and easy going. He also likes to work when it's time to work too which is great.
We have been really doing alot to find people we haven't talked to yet. We have been here for a long time so we really have to plan and rely on the spirit to tell us were we need to go. 
I have seen a lot of miracles in this area... it's so cool what the gospel does in the lives of others. 

Love you guys so much!!
Elder Orton

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