Sunday, January 15, 2017


Saturday January 14, 2017

Meus amigos, bom dia todos! 

Hope everyone is enjoying the Utah coldness will I'm just soaking 
up the beautiful sun down here in Brasil. Jk The cold is great! 

Feel like every time I write a letter I say the same thing.." This week was busy"
or "This week was crazy" or better yet "Lots has happened this week!"
But hey I can't lie, and frankly as a missionary lots happens in one week
of life! So if any of you still had any doubts about my week.. This week 
was crazy! We had transfers this week so of course we had lots of stuff
to do in the mission office. I've been here for two transfers though, so I feel 
things are getting a lot easier. I can do things alot faster and I know how things are
going to be. We got a new secratery here in the office though! His names Elder Andrade. 
He'll be the new finacial secratery. Now we have six secretaries! It's pretty fun being 
with so many good missionarys! The work in the mission office is pretty officey work
as you can imagine but hey you gotta love it. One experience this week just had to make
me laugh. A sister in our mission didn't have a CPF or as it would be in english (social security number) So as mission rules and for saftey everybody needs one. We planned to
make a little trip to the Goverment buildings down here close to our office so she could get one. 
As you could imagine we waited for about 5 hours. I watched many impatient people come in
and out complaning about the wait. Reminded me of a little place we call the DMV up there in the states. All and all they finally called our number!  Wow what a miracle that was! We went back there and this little lady said.. "So whats your name?" She typed the Sisters name in to the computer and hit print and out came her little Social Security number. I couldn't help but but laugh all the wait for something so little. Just one of those things that makes you laugh at life.

The work this week has been really good!  Me and my comp Elder Soper have been working 
really hard! We have actually found a lot of new people this week which was really exciting! 
We also have a lady named Liliana preparing for baptism this week. She is a really funny lady 
that has a lot of faith! She has problems with epalepsy so she has to take medication. The missionarys taught her a long time ago but she never was baptized. We found her this week and started teaching her! She really has a lot of faith and has a strong desire to be baptized. The work of the Lord is awesome! I was reading in second Nephi this week and just wanted to share a couple thoughts. He was talking about the Savior and atonment. One reminder really sunk into my mind. We allready know he atoned for us, but what does that really mean? Why do we wait? It's already been done. He's waiting for us! We have nothing to wait for! We just have to come to him first! It's already been done. Salvation is already won! 

Love you all! And hope you guys have the best week!! 

Elder Orton

P.s. Be careful driving in the snow and don't eat the yellow flavored snow... it's not good for you. 


Saturday January 7, 2017

Whoooo hooo! One year in the mission! Where has time gone? 
I can't believe I've allready been out here one year! I'm technically
Brazilian by now. I'll come back and you guys won't even recognize
 who I am. 

Crazy to think one year ago I was leaving my fam. going into the field not 
knowing what lays ahead.This year really has been the craziest year of my life. 
I dont think I could even describe the things I have gone through
this past year. The mission is a thing you can never know how
it really is until youv'e been on one. It's crazy to look back on what
I've learned. All the things that have happened and all the people I've
met. I've really experienced lots of things. Weird food, different culture, 
new language, hot sun, talking to all types of people, freezing cold showers.. everyday,
Ups, downs, lefts, and rights.... everything!! I've seen a lot of things this year.
The one thing that really changed my life this year was the Savior. That's one
thing that I am eternally grateful for. I've gotten to know Him. He's my best friend! 
The best thing of all I get to be His servant, and there is nothing I'd rather do. 
I love him and what He's done for me, and what He still will do for me. 
I love the chance I've had to be here! One year down one to go! 
This one will even be better! 

Love you all!!!

Elder Orton

Monday, January 2, 2017

Feliz Novo Ano

Hey everyone!!!
 Happy new year.. almost!!!! 
Just wait a couple hours.
Hope everyone had a great week and a great Christmas! 

This week was really great! With Christmas and the New year coming up 
it's a good time of year! I know I didn't email very much last week but Christmas was 
awesome! The week before we had our Christmas conference. 
 The whole mission was there! I got to see everyone and it was really great!
 The President and his wife went 
all out this year too... it's their last Christmas here in the mission
 so they made it quite a party! Christmas Eve was great too! 
We have p-day Saturday here, so it just ended up being Christmas eve.
 While all the other missionarys had to work and study at night we
had our own little party in our apartment. We baked a turkey! Suprisingly it worked out too. 
We made so much food, set up a table and put it out on our deck and had the best Christmas dinner ever. Sunday was great. That morning we woke up and went to Church! 
When we got there, we had two investigators that already showed up! We were so excited.
That was a Christmas present! We haven't even taught this family and they came to church just because I called them the day before. This week we taught a little more and they have dates! We are excited for them! After church we ate lunch then went and skyped our familys! It was great! It's crazy it's already been a year since we talked. 
This Christmas was perfect and definetly one i'll never forget. 

This Christmas was really special. This Cristmas was about Christ. 
Love being here and the chance I have to tell others about the good news.
That He was born, and He lives again! 

Love you all!
Elder Orton