Sunday, January 15, 2017


Saturday January 7, 2017

Whoooo hooo! One year in the mission! Where has time gone? 
I can't believe I've allready been out here one year! I'm technically
Brazilian by now. I'll come back and you guys won't even recognize
 who I am. 

Crazy to think one year ago I was leaving my fam. going into the field not 
knowing what lays ahead.This year really has been the craziest year of my life. 
I dont think I could even describe the things I have gone through
this past year. The mission is a thing you can never know how
it really is until youv'e been on one. It's crazy to look back on what
I've learned. All the things that have happened and all the people I've
met. I've really experienced lots of things. Weird food, different culture, 
new language, hot sun, talking to all types of people, freezing cold showers.. everyday,
Ups, downs, lefts, and rights.... everything!! I've seen a lot of things this year.
The one thing that really changed my life this year was the Savior. That's one
thing that I am eternally grateful for. I've gotten to know Him. He's my best friend! 
The best thing of all I get to be His servant, and there is nothing I'd rather do. 
I love him and what He's done for me, and what He still will do for me. 
I love the chance I've had to be here! One year down one to go! 
This one will even be better! 

Love you all!!!

Elder Orton

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