Friday, July 29, 2016

July 25, 2016

It's the begining of a new transfer again!! Crazy!!
 I'll be staying here with my comp. Elder Rocha, and I'm so excited! 
This area we are in is so good and we have so much success here!!
We have been working so hard latley and it's been great!

This week we had the baptizm of Ivonete. She is such a nice person! 
She is awesome, she went to church 3 months with her friend 
when we found her, but she never talked to missionaries!
 Crazy! I think all the other missionarys thought she was a
 member but baptizing her was awesome this week!

This week we also found a new investigator named Yuri. 
He's 20 years old. It turnes out we were talking to him and he speaks fluent english too! 
It was pretty fun talking to a Brazilian in english. 
But we marked a date for 2 weeks! 

This week was good other wise!
 I also ate liver this week... it was so nasty i almost threw up.
I also got to go on splits with Elder Soper this week a kid from Indiana! 
He's pretty funny and it's always fun to go on splits with other Americans!

I hope everyone is loving life!
Love You all!!

Elder Orton
Ivonete is the one next to me! Also Bruno on the other side of me is probably the coolest guy in the world, he is blind but can navigate the streets of brazil better than anyone else! 
July 11, 2016
Hey my friends! Hope your week was great! 

All of our hard work is starting to pay off! This week we had two baptisms!
 Heck Ya! 
We have been working with our investigators for about
 3 weeks now and yesterday was their baptisms. Soccorro and Leida!

 Leida is a wife to a recent convert Ceazar. He is awesome!
 He works for a bakery so he always has cake! 
We eat cake almost every day in this area it's awesome!
 But back to the story, so we have been teaching Leida for about 3 weeks 
preparing her for baptism and 2 days before she changed her mind.
 So Saturday we went and talked with her and had an awesome talk
 about baptism and why it is important.
 It's awsome what you can do when you have the spirit.
So this week another family was completed in the gospel, 
so excited for when they can enter the temple!

Soccorro was our other investigator we found just 2 weeks ago. 
She was so ready for the gospel.
We just contacted her in the street one day and made an appoitment to visit her house.
 When we arrived at her house she was waiting for us. 
Every lesson we taught she just understood everything and was so excited for baptism. 

It's so awsome to find people that are waiting for the gospel, 
and even better to see the change in them after they accept it!
 There are always people to share the gospel with so don't be afraid to share!
Here we get to baptize in a pool so that pretty sweet!
My son baptizing for the first time! 
Ceazer got to baptize his wife too! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4 2016

Hello everyone,

 And Happy Birthday America! Hope everyone is loving life!

Man it's weird being down here in Brasil because they don't have the best holiday on earth. 
4th of July. I guess i'll just have to celebrate with myself!

This week was great! Me and Elder Rocha have been working so hard! 
 We want to change this Branch into a ward! 
Time really flys when you work hard! 

This week we found a new investigator named Socorro. 
She prayed and recieved and answer! Always the best thing ever! 
She also came to church with us this week and liked it a lot.
 So next week we have two baptizms! Yay!!

Nothing to crazy happened this week, just a normal week in Brasil! 

Life is good right now! Love you all!
Elder Orton