Sunday, April 16, 2017

Semana Santa

Saturday April 15,2017

Hey ya´ll!
 Hope everyone is having a great Saturday and making lots of boiled eggs for Easter! haha

This week was great! Just another normal week here in Brasil. Easter is so weird here.
It's so much different. Everybody celebrates Easter here. It's more of like a Christmas. 
It's not just kids and candy. Everybody buys presents for one another. Presents for 
mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, kids, neighbor , dog. This week is called Semana Santa 
or in other words(Holy Week). Easter is a thing that lasts a week. Yesterday was a 
Holiday called Paix√£o de Cristo. Nobody was out. It's weird on Holidays everyone just 
disappears. The roads were empty everything was closed.  The only thing was all 
the Catholic churches were full of people. They go to church like 2 times a year week 
of Easter and Christmas. 

Easter really is such a great holiday. It's not about easter eggs or presents but it's about 
Christ and the life He lived. One thing I love so much talking about. Our Savior and the 
love He has for every one of us. A week we have to focus on HIm. We should always be 
living in a way that Christ is the center of our lifes but a great week to reflect on him. 
When all the people here focus on his cruxifiction and death we talk about how He lives.
What a great thing! A great victory! He has already won it. We just need to follow Him. 
He suffered and died for us and rose again. And now we can rise again too! I'm so 
grateful for Him for this. We can become clean through Him. That's why I'm here ...
because of Him and what He's done for me. Now I need to help others experience the same 
joy. Hope you guys have a great Easter. Take a minute and think about Him and what he 
has done for you! 

Love you all!!! 
Have a great week! 

Elder Orton 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Conferencia Geral meu chapa

April 8, 2017

Hey everyone!
 This week was great! We had transfers again but I'll be staying here! 
This will be my 5th transfer in this area already... Crazy! 
I really like this area, i'ts a little different and people are a little more closed off
but I've learned alot here. I've had to rely on the Lord for lots of help and guidence.
I'm excited to stay here and see what more I can do to help the people in this area. 

The week was pretty crazy as far as the transfers went! We had 13 missionaries 
leaving and 13 new ones coming in, so lots of stuff to do. It was great and 
everything worked out. I'm just glad it's Saturday and I have a little time to breath...
it was so nonestop this week. 

Last week was General Confrence which was awesome! It's really so cool how 
every 6 months we get to here from our prophet and liders of the church. 
Messages that are meant for us, modern day revelation. I really loved listening
to the messages and I need to listen to them again. One thing I really loved 
was when President Monson talked about the importance of the Book Of Mormon.
Something so simple but so important. It's something the liders of the church always talk about.
but why?? Maybe because it's so important! I've come to learn that here in the mission. 
Before I always read the Book of Mormon and I knew it was important but never really 
understood why. Now I can see how key the daily scripture study is in life. I have 
came to know my Lord and Savior so much through simple study everyday. I've 
seen it change lifes. I've seen people change every aspect of the way they live 
through one simple book. There is really a battle between good and evil ever so clear, 
but the adversary doesn't want you to believe that. The Book of Mormon gives us that strength 
to overcome the adversary to resist sin and it helps us learn more about our Savior. 
I'm so greatful for the Book Of Mormon. The chance I have had to discover this for myself 
I know it can change any life. Love being out here and teaching people about the Gospel.
It's so perfect! 

Love you all!!!!
Have a great week and always remember to read! :) 

Love Elder Orton

Conferencia Geral:)

April 1, 2017

Good morning!!
 Hope everyone is having a spectacular Saturday! 
Don't have much time today because we will be going to conference 
here soon but it's alright.

This week was good! Nothing to crazy happened, a pretty normal week
in the mission office. I was mostly just doing stuff to get ready for the 
transfer that will be next week. I also got to go to the airport again 
to get someone returning from the mission. Always an adventure going there.
It's been really rainy latley. We have so much rain here. I'm starting to think it would be good to 
get around in little boats. No, not really but lots of rain! 
 We also got to teach a couple new people this week. 
Hopefully they'll come to conference in the morning. I'ts always fun to bring people to watch general 
conference. Got to go but love ya all!!! 
Church is true! 
Choose the right! 
Elder Orton

iiieeeiii MEU Chapa

March 25, 2017

Can't believe it's already Saturday again! 

This week was great! It passed by so fast!! 
The highlight of the week was Zone Conference. On Thursday
everyone came to the Chapel in Aguanambi and we had conference.
I'ts always cool when the whole mission is together and we get to hear 
from President. It's always a little scary because we have to give 
anouncments in the beginning. I've never liked getting up in front
of a ton of people but I guess it's a chance to learn. Think it would
be pretty easy in English but when you have 200 Brazilians 
staring at you it makes you more nervous. haha 
Conference was really inspiring. President Bonini always is 
really in tune and gives great talks. 
As a former Marine and firefighter he really has a way, hes 
really direct and serious but you can see the love he has for all the

This week has been slow as far as our investigators go. We have
been really working hard to find people ready to hear our message. 

Really love you guys!! Thanks for all the suport!! 

I love the Gospel and the happiness it brings to lives! 
It's so true! 

Elder Orton 


March 18, 2017

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is great!!!

I don't have a ton a time today, but just wanted to write you 
guys a little. P-day started extra early today.. haha.
Today I had to take a missionary to the airport. At 3:30 in
the morning! Just me and my Comp. The streets are pretty 
empty here that early in the morning. It's like a desert. The 
taxi drivers don't even pay attention to stop lights or anything here.
They just drive like they are the only one that exists... it's pretty funny. 
The only people you see are all the people at the bars. 

This week was great! Always busy!! We have been really working 
our hardest. I've been reading in Jesus The Christ lately. I am 
really enjoying it. Such an inspired book. I love reading about the Savior 
and all that He did. He was a person just like us. He still was hungry, 
felt happy, sad, had good days and bad days, yet he was perfect. 
He was the perfect example for us. He has already won! 
He lives again. For this we can be perfect like Him. Nobody 
is perfect but we can all do are best and that's what counts! 
That why I'm here to help others know that. I know that too. 
I'm so grateful for that chance every day. I know I'm not perfect 
but I have a Savior. He loves all of us so individually! 
I hope you all know that! 

Love you all! 

Sorry it wasnt a ton! But you guys are the best! 

Love Elder Orton