Sunday, April 16, 2017

Semana Santa

Saturday April 15,2017

Hey ya´ll!
 Hope everyone is having a great Saturday and making lots of boiled eggs for Easter! haha

This week was great! Just another normal week here in Brasil. Easter is so weird here.
It's so much different. Everybody celebrates Easter here. It's more of like a Christmas. 
It's not just kids and candy. Everybody buys presents for one another. Presents for 
mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, kids, neighbor , dog. This week is called Semana Santa 
or in other words(Holy Week). Easter is a thing that lasts a week. Yesterday was a 
Holiday called Paixão de Cristo. Nobody was out. It's weird on Holidays everyone just 
disappears. The roads were empty everything was closed.  The only thing was all 
the Catholic churches were full of people. They go to church like 2 times a year week 
of Easter and Christmas. 

Easter really is such a great holiday. It's not about easter eggs or presents but it's about 
Christ and the life He lived. One thing I love so much talking about. Our Savior and the 
love He has for every one of us. A week we have to focus on HIm. We should always be 
living in a way that Christ is the center of our lifes but a great week to reflect on him. 
When all the people here focus on his cruxifiction and death we talk about how He lives.
What a great thing! A great victory! He has already won it. We just need to follow Him. 
He suffered and died for us and rose again. And now we can rise again too! I'm so 
grateful for Him for this. We can become clean through Him. That's why I'm here ...
because of Him and what He's done for me. Now I need to help others experience the same 
joy. Hope you guys have a great Easter. Take a minute and think about Him and what he 
has done for you! 

Love you all!!! 
Have a great week! 

Elder Orton 

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