Sunday, April 9, 2017

Conferencia Geral meu chapa

April 8, 2017

Hey everyone!
 This week was great! We had transfers again but I'll be staying here! 
This will be my 5th transfer in this area already... Crazy! 
I really like this area, i'ts a little different and people are a little more closed off
but I've learned alot here. I've had to rely on the Lord for lots of help and guidence.
I'm excited to stay here and see what more I can do to help the people in this area. 

The week was pretty crazy as far as the transfers went! We had 13 missionaries 
leaving and 13 new ones coming in, so lots of stuff to do. It was great and 
everything worked out. I'm just glad it's Saturday and I have a little time to breath...
it was so nonestop this week. 

Last week was General Confrence which was awesome! It's really so cool how 
every 6 months we get to here from our prophet and liders of the church. 
Messages that are meant for us, modern day revelation. I really loved listening
to the messages and I need to listen to them again. One thing I really loved 
was when President Monson talked about the importance of the Book Of Mormon.
Something so simple but so important. It's something the liders of the church always talk about.
but why?? Maybe because it's so important! I've come to learn that here in the mission. 
Before I always read the Book of Mormon and I knew it was important but never really 
understood why. Now I can see how key the daily scripture study is in life. I have 
came to know my Lord and Savior so much through simple study everyday. I've 
seen it change lifes. I've seen people change every aspect of the way they live 
through one simple book. There is really a battle between good and evil ever so clear, 
but the adversary doesn't want you to believe that. The Book of Mormon gives us that strength 
to overcome the adversary to resist sin and it helps us learn more about our Savior. 
I'm so greatful for the Book Of Mormon. The chance I have had to discover this for myself 
I know it can change any life. Love being out here and teaching people about the Gospel.
It's so perfect! 

Love you all!!!!
Have a great week and always remember to read! :) 

Love Elder Orton

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