Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29,2016

Hey everyone!!! 

This week was gggreat!! It's fun to finally speak Portuguese
 and know what everyone is saying! 
This week I got to go on splits with Elder Soper. 
I always like to go on splits and learn new things with other missionaries.
 It's also funny when your with other Americans because people 
will just talk about you right in front of your face and they 
don't think we can understand them. 
The funny thing is.. we know what they are saying, so that just makes it awkward. 
Also just about everybody here thinks I am German... 
What the heck people I'm AMERICAN and I sure am proud to be one.
 When I was on splits with Elder Soper we just rolled 
with it so I was german for a day which was pretty fun. 

This week was a little hard as far as the teaching goes.
 We haven't found any new investigators for a while now, 
so this week we will do alot of searching!
 But the good news is Caiu was baptized this week!
 I think as adults we could have a couple things we could learn from children. 
They are always so ready to listen and will ponder and think about whatever you say. 
I think lots of times in our lives we get so caught up in
 the grove of things we never take time to stop and listen.
 We all just need to take time in our lives to pause 
for a moment and think about what we are doing. 
When we do this God can speak to us through the Holy spirit.
 Never forget that. So take time every day, stop read your scriptures 
and say your prayers and God will talk to you. It's so cool being here everyday 
its different but awesome!!!

We have transfers next week so I'm
excited to see what will happen!!


August 22, 2016

Hello It's Me.....

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone had a magical
 week because mine was pretty good!
This week lots of things happened! 
First Brazil won against Germany in soccer so I'm happy!
I think if they would of lost I would be dead! 
Everyone here thinks I'm from Germany so it's kind of weird
 but hey I'll just learn to live with it!
 I think our house is a zoo! It's pretty awesome!! 
Every day we come home we find a new animal or some giant bug
 in our house, and hey admission is free! 

This week Felipe was baptized!!! YAYYYY!!!
 Felipe was just a person waiting to find the missionaries!
 He's only know the church for one week and he goes to seminary every day!
The only bad news was that they drained the pool:( 
We don't get to baptize there anymore.
 So this week we baptized in a giant bucket. It only took 4 tries!!! 

Me and Elder Rocha are working hard here, 
I think we learned a little patience this week. 
This week we got alot of no´s,
 but it's okay we only baptize the people that say YES! 
Always working hard here and learning new things.
Love it!

Love you all! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016

   Hey everyone!!! How's things up there in America?
 I hear America is getting richer and richer every day! 
All people talk about here is how many gold medals America has.
 I also hope all the children are enjoying their last days 
of freedom before school starts again!

This week was quite the adventure! Lots has happened! 
To start off last Monday me and Elder Rocha were just enjoying our p-day
 and then the phone rang... So it ended up there was an emergency transfer 
so now I am the District leader. So this week was lots of work! 
I have more things to do now than I have ever had in my life,
 but I think it's pretty fun! 

Monday night after we got home from a little work
 there was a cat in our house.
 We chased it out, but I later found out it peed on my bag.. I was so mad. So I think it be best that, 
that cat doesn't make another visit to our house. haha!

This week we also had the baptism of Angela! 
She is the cousin to our other investigator Paloma that we baptized last week!
 She is awesome! We have been teaching her for a little while 
now and her baptizm was Sunday! She is really shy and an easy going person, 
but what a blessing this gospel is in our lifes! It's so cool being out here every day 
and helping people. It's definitely  not the easiest thing I've ever done but it's so worth it!  
I love it here! 

Lots of things happening in Brasil, always busy here!
The Lord is in the work!
Love you all!

Elder Orton

August 8, 2016

Hey everyone!!! Hope life is good! 
Hope everyone is soaking up that summer sun!

This week was great and to make today even better, 
I got to ride on a bus with air conditioner so that was a pretty neat experience! 
Not to much has gone on this week. Me and Elder Da Rocha have just been working pretty hard.
 We have made it a focus lately to work as hard as we possible can,
 talk to as many people as we possibly can 
and follow the rules perfectly!
 We have had so much success when we have done this 
so we are just trying to continue on with it!

This week something pretty funny happened! 
So we were walking down the street and we stopped to talk to this lady,
 we then soon found out she was blind. She was so funny though.
 She could not get over the fact that I was an American that lives in Brasil. 
Every five seconds she would say.. "Say your name say your name!!" 
I would say "Elder Orton" She would just freak out.
Ah people here are just so funny!

This week we were also standing on the street corner
 and two guys pulled up on a motercycle and just started to beat the crap
 out of another guy,  we decided it would be better to walk the other direction. 

Hope everyone is just loving life and living it to the fullest! 
Always remeber who you are and chose the right, and don't forget to feed the missionaries! 
Love you all!

Elder Orton

Sunday, August 7, 2016

August 1, 2016

Hey everyone!!
 It's August already! Hope everyone is loving life!
This week was so good! It was a week a miracles!

This week we had the baptizm of Paloma. It was awesome. 
We only met Paloma last sunday.
When we were teaching a lesson to our investigator Ana,
 Paloma and her mom showed up at her house.
 It turns out that Paloma is cousins with our investigator Ana. 
We started talking to Missalane (Palomas mom) and it turns out
 she has been a member her whole life, but just has been inactive for most of her life.
 She told us everything and how her family is getting destroyed.
 I dont think it was a coincidence  we met. We met with them everyday
 this week and she is so excited about church again.
 It's crazy how the Lord knows all of his children so personally. 
He waits until just the right moment when we need him most and lifts us up again.
 She talked about how she wants her daughter to get baptized
 so we talked to the mission president and had her baptized this week.
 It was so awsome Sunday! We brought their whole family to the baptism!
 This week we brought 16 people to church! 
A week of miracles for sure!

So awesome to be here and see how the Lord works! 
I know He loves all his children so personally and hopes
 for us so badly to choose the right and do the things we need 
to so he can help us in our lives!
 He is always there waiting ,just waiting for us, so don't forget that!
Love you all!!! Elder O.

 Baptism of Paloma
I also managed to take a picture in the street without getting stabed or robbed so I'm pretty happy!:)