Sunday, August 7, 2016

August 1, 2016

Hey everyone!!
 It's August already! Hope everyone is loving life!
This week was so good! It was a week a miracles!

This week we had the baptizm of Paloma. It was awesome. 
We only met Paloma last sunday.
When we were teaching a lesson to our investigator Ana,
 Paloma and her mom showed up at her house.
 It turns out that Paloma is cousins with our investigator Ana. 
We started talking to Missalane (Palomas mom) and it turns out
 she has been a member her whole life, but just has been inactive for most of her life.
 She told us everything and how her family is getting destroyed.
 I dont think it was a coincidence  we met. We met with them everyday
 this week and she is so excited about church again.
 It's crazy how the Lord knows all of his children so personally. 
He waits until just the right moment when we need him most and lifts us up again.
 She talked about how she wants her daughter to get baptized
 so we talked to the mission president and had her baptized this week.
 It was so awsome Sunday! We brought their whole family to the baptism!
 This week we brought 16 people to church! 
A week of miracles for sure!

So awesome to be here and see how the Lord works! 
I know He loves all his children so personally and hopes
 for us so badly to choose the right and do the things we need 
to so he can help us in our lives!
 He is always there waiting ,just waiting for us, so don't forget that!
Love you all!!! Elder O.

 Baptism of Paloma
I also managed to take a picture in the street without getting stabed or robbed so I'm pretty happy!:)

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