Monday, August 15, 2016

August 8, 2016

Hey everyone!!! Hope life is good! 
Hope everyone is soaking up that summer sun!

This week was great and to make today even better, 
I got to ride on a bus with air conditioner so that was a pretty neat experience! 
Not to much has gone on this week. Me and Elder Da Rocha have just been working pretty hard.
 We have made it a focus lately to work as hard as we possible can,
 talk to as many people as we possibly can 
and follow the rules perfectly!
 We have had so much success when we have done this 
so we are just trying to continue on with it!

This week something pretty funny happened! 
So we were walking down the street and we stopped to talk to this lady,
 we then soon found out she was blind. She was so funny though.
 She could not get over the fact that I was an American that lives in Brasil. 
Every five seconds she would say.. "Say your name say your name!!" 
I would say "Elder Orton" She would just freak out.
Ah people here are just so funny!

This week we were also standing on the street corner
 and two guys pulled up on a motercycle and just started to beat the crap
 out of another guy,  we decided it would be better to walk the other direction. 

Hope everyone is just loving life and living it to the fullest! 
Always remeber who you are and chose the right, and don't forget to feed the missionaries! 
Love you all!

Elder Orton

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