Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week 11 March 21, 2016

Hey everyone!!! 

Hope everyone loves life and is living it to the fullest!!!! 
Life in Brazil is always great and I am always experiencing new things here!

 It's weird that I've lived here for almost 3 months now... it's crazy!!
 I still feel like everyday is my first. There is so much to see and so much to learn. 
This week was good! It started out slow but got better and better every day.
 We have an awesome investigator! His name is Ronas.
 We were able to teach him everyday this week. 
He also wants to share the gospel with everyone, which is awesome!
 He even came with us to his friends house to teach him with us!
 He didn't except our baptismal date last week, but I'm sure he will this week! 

This week me and my comp. got to give an old lady a priestood blessing which was cool!
 First time while on the Mission! I consecrated the oil and he gave the blessing but I'm still
 proud of myself for doing it in portuguese!

Everyday is an adventure here and I never know what's going to happen.
 It's hard at times, and lots of times I never know what is going on.
 The only thing I can do is rely on the Lord.
 Always rely on the Lord no matter what! Ether 12:27
Church is true! Love you all!

Elder Orton

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

WEEK 10 March 14, 2016

Bom dia!!!! Como vai?? Tudo bem? 

Hello world just Elder Orton reporting from Fortaleza Brazil!
This week was good! Filled with lots of hard work and teaching!!
Just a rough outline of the week! 

Monday- P-day, emailed cleaned house bought some food!
Tuesday- Very hot with lots of walking but taught a lesson to a huge family!
Wednesday- Committed a girl named Victoria to baptizm and invited her to church!
Thursday-Taught lots of lessons to random people.
Friday- Taught more lessons.
Saturday- We had a lot of lessons lined up but all of our appointments fell through
 because people aren't home saturday.. frustrating.
Sunday- CHURCH!! Also found a gold investigator and taught the Restoration!

This week was really good though! Me and my companion
 Elder Vinicius are starting to figure out how to work effectivly together. 
We taught 3 times as many lessons this week as we did last week! 

 It's interesting being here and learning about the culture!
 You would think as a missionary it would be easy to go into a 
Christian persons home and be able to teach about Christ
 and have lots of success because they already have that fundamental belief. 
It's opposite of what you think, here you can go into a home where people have
 never really gone to church not really know who God is and they will believe everything you say! 
When we teach Catholics it's impossible to teach. You can't even get through a lesson.
 It's the people that have nothing that catch hold of the gospel.
 It's the people that are hungering for something more in their life.
 Yesterday we found a new investigator that is golden! His name is Ronas.
 Everything that is happening in his life right now made it possible for us to teach him.
 We are going to committ him to baptizm tonight so super excited!
 Other than that the week was pretty calm! 
Didn't get robbed or stabbed or shot or ran over so counting my blessings!
 Love this Gospel and the happiness it brings!! The Church is True!! Love you all!!

Elder Orton
Week 9 March 7, 2016

Hey everybody!!

 It's monday again!! What the heck happens to time?
 I feel like I was just emailing yesterday! This week was good and everyday
 just gets better and better!!
 The language is hard and I still don't understand much but with everyday
 you understand more and it gets better!
 This week consisted of lots of walking and hard work!!
 We talked to everyone and found as many people as we could 
so now we have some new investigators!! So this week we knocked
 on this guys door and he let us in! His name is Elvis. 
He knew the other missionarys but we haven't been able to talk to him . 
He's a really interesting guy, he has stacks and stacks of books in his
 room and he teaches art at the college near by. He is basically the perfect definition of a hippy!
 So anyway Saturday night he let us in his house and we talked about the sabbath
 and invited him to church, He was like HECK YA ILL GO!
 So the next day he showed up and stayed the whole time!
 Then after the other Elders got to baptize the guy that got stabbed the week before.
 It was pretty funny because they had to wrap his arms
 in plastic so he wouldn't get water in his wounds!
 But then we asked Elvis if he wanted to see the baptism, and he was like ya that cool! 
So then later that night we went to his house and I got to teach about the Book of Mormon.
 It's interesting not being able to speak a language but still feel like you can say what you need to.
 The spirit talks to the heart not the mind.
 After I taught we asked the question... and he said he will be baptized!! 
HECK YA! So now we have to teach him every lesson Saturday
 and Sunday so he can get baptized the next Saturday!! 
YAY so happy we finally will have a baptizm!! 
Other things that happened this week included,
 sweating to death, eating good food, and trying to speak portuguese! 
The Church is true always remember that! Love you all!!!!!!!

Elder Orton

Sunday, March 6, 2016