Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 9 March 7, 2016

Hey everybody!!

 It's monday again!! What the heck happens to time?
 I feel like I was just emailing yesterday! This week was good and everyday
 just gets better and better!!
 The language is hard and I still don't understand much but with everyday
 you understand more and it gets better!
 This week consisted of lots of walking and hard work!!
 We talked to everyone and found as many people as we could 
so now we have some new investigators!! So this week we knocked
 on this guys door and he let us in! His name is Elvis. 
He knew the other missionarys but we haven't been able to talk to him . 
He's a really interesting guy, he has stacks and stacks of books in his
 room and he teaches art at the college near by. He is basically the perfect definition of a hippy!
 So anyway Saturday night he let us in his house and we talked about the sabbath
 and invited him to church, He was like HECK YA ILL GO!
 So the next day he showed up and stayed the whole time!
 Then after the other Elders got to baptize the guy that got stabbed the week before.
 It was pretty funny because they had to wrap his arms
 in plastic so he wouldn't get water in his wounds!
 But then we asked Elvis if he wanted to see the baptism, and he was like ya that cool! 
So then later that night we went to his house and I got to teach about the Book of Mormon.
 It's interesting not being able to speak a language but still feel like you can say what you need to.
 The spirit talks to the heart not the mind.
 After I taught we asked the question... and he said he will be baptized!! 
HECK YA! So now we have to teach him every lesson Saturday
 and Sunday so he can get baptized the next Saturday!! 
YAY so happy we finally will have a baptizm!! 
Other things that happened this week included,
 sweating to death, eating good food, and trying to speak portuguese! 
The Church is true always remember that! Love you all!!!!!!!

Elder Orton

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