Sunday, September 10, 2017


 In front of a HUGE Church
 Model Pose in a HUGE Market Place
The finest chefs in Brazil

Dia 7 de Setembro

Sept. 9, 2017

Oi, Bom dia todo mundo!! Como vai?? 

One more week that just flew on by! How Crazy!! Twas a very fantastic week indeed.

This week was a rush to get everything ready for the new transfer! There has been lots of 
things happening here in the office. Transfers will be next week! I am excited this one should be a good one!! This week was also Independence day in Brasil. On the 7th there was literally nobody 
around everyone disappeared again. Holidays here are interesting. 

This week I have been studying a little about faith. I was reading in Jesus the Christ about faith.
Faith is related to everything that we do. Nothing will happen without faith. We must believe and we must help others believe. 

Not much to report but I sure do love all you guys!! 

Have a great week!! 

Elder Orton 

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Sept 2, 2017

Well Hello! 

Hope everyone is dandy! 

Can't even believe it is already September! 

This week was great!! Lots of fun things happening. 
We started teaching an English class which was fun. We have started telling 
everyone we've met in the street about a free english class we would be teaching in the chapel.
People here are crazy to speak english, i'ts pretty funny! When you pass by people they will be like Good Night or good morning. A lot of times people see us and try to start speaking english then we are like we speak portuguese too, then they get all suprised like "WOW! That's so cool!! I didn't know Americans could speak portuguese!" This week was the first so it was only a few members but we are hoping we can find a lot of people this way! 

I started reading the Book of Mormon from the start again too! I love reading because every time I can always learn something new. I love the story of Nephi and the Faith that he had. Even when he 
was around others that could of easily had an influence over him. He wasn't afraid to do what the Lord asked of him. I feel like life is like that a lot. We have many decisions to make. Sometime we don't know which road to take or why. We might not even know why but with the Lords help we can do everything. When we have faith we can do anything! I know that for myself and it is awesome! Have a little more faith and do what the Lord asks of you! You will never go wrong that way! 

Love you all!! 

Elder Orton 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sol Quente

August 26, 2017

Happy Saturday! 

It's already an incredibly hot Saturday morning here in Brasil. I´m down here in the 
computer shop sweating my brains out. haha 

This week was fun! Lots of things happing like always. It has been fun in a trio, 
I think its pretty wierd for people here to just see three super american kids walking 
down in the getto of Brasil. This week we were able to have a lot of success finding more 
people we can teach. This week I feel like I really focused talking about Christ with every single
person I talked too. We found lots more people to teach. Right now we don't have any super stable 
investigators but we have been teaching a lot of new people.

So happy to be down here in Brasil. Sorry not much this week don't have much time but I love you all!! Have a great week!

Elder Orton 

1. Pic of the district. We all have matching ties:) Except for elder Hulme 

2. A pic after Basketball. 

Bom Dia!

August 19, 2017

These days keep on passing by faster and faster I can´t
figure out why. I sure hope life isn't like this because 'ill die
before long if it passes by this fast.

This week has been great lot of new things happing on this side of town.
We now have 7 people living in our house so you can imagine it is pretty
full. The assistants were at our house all week too so that was 9! It
feels like a boy scout campout with this many kids. I also have a new comp.
we are in a trio now. Me Elder Soper and Elder Hulme. Elder Soper will be
training him to be the next secratary. He is also from Utah, which is fun!

This week I have been studying alot in Alma. Some of my favorite chapters
in the Book of Mormon are in Alma. It is really crazy how clear the
Book of Mormon is. I feel like whenever I have a question or I am searching
something I can read and it will be answered. As I read everyday I know
and more how true it is. Every time I read I learn something new. You can
the love the Savior has for each and every one of his children. He wants us
return to Him and he gave us things to help us do that. One of those things
is the
Book of Mormon. I really know reading the scriptures everyday has changed
my life.
Hope all you guys can do the same!

Love you all and hope everyone is doing great!

Love Elder Orton

Minha semana

August 12, 2017

Hey guys! Wassupp! 

Hope everyone is doing awesome!! 

This week was great, and lots of things going on like always!!! 

Being P-day we will be having our basketball game America vs Brasil.
With new Brasilians in our house we like to play America vs Brasil. They 
think they can win but they don't know what they have coming for them. 
haha Go America! 

This week was great. We had a leadership counsel this week with all the 
zone leaders. That morning I picked out a tie I liked alot. I was pretty sure that nobody 
else had one just like it. When I showed up there were literally two missionarys
with the same exact tie as me.. I was like no way I need to go change. Turns out 
that my tie wasn't so special. haha But I sat next to them so it looked like we planned it at 

I don't know why, but this week I have been thinking alot about Faith. It is something that seems
really simple but it does so much for us. President also talked a little about faith in Jesus Christ 
and how we need to have more. With faith we can do anything expecally faith in Christ. I have seen 
it so many times in the mission. When somebody has just the smallest amount of faith it is enough. 
I love the 32 chapter of Alma. I encourage you to read if if you haven't. He talkes alot about faith. 
When we have faith we also have hope. Hope in things better to come. I've found that. When I really put my faith in Christ I've found out that whatever happens it all works out. Doesn't matter how hard your day is or what you are struggling with but when your turn to Christ with faith he will be there 
to guide you through anything. I've learned that and I know that. 

Love you all! Have a fantabulous week!! 

Elder Orton 

Estou Aqui

August 5, 2017

Hey! It's August! It's August! What?

I can't believe its already August! Time flys.
I can remember a year ago in the mission and it feels like 
yesterday! It's so crazy! This week has been of crazy one 
of course but what would the mission be if it wasn't.

Transfers were this week so that kept us busy for sure! It 
was great though! Everything worked out. Me and Elder Soper
are here ready to destroy! This will be  great transfer! 

This week I was helping a lot of sick missionarys with their 
problems haha. I'm turning into a doctor too. Sister Chamberlain 
doesn't quite speak portuguese yet so I have to take care of a lot 
of the calls and tell the missionarys what to do. I'm learning a lot 
though! When it comes to sicknesses and medicine in Portuguese 
it gets pretty complicated sometimes I'm just like well ya I don't know 
anything you just said explane it easier haha. 

I know the Lord has been helping me alot this last little while. Just 
when you get comfortable doing something he always seems to just give 
you another job to do. It's not always easiest or in my comfort zone but 
he is teaching me. I know with everything he does he has a purpose. 
He never gives me anything I can't do and I know that He is always there 
to help. That's why I love Him. He's my best friend. 

Hope you guys are loving life! That's the purpose! So if not, just love it! 

Have a great week! 

Elder Orton