Saturday, November 25, 2017

Nov 20, 2017

This week was good though. I'm not going to write a general email because don't have much time but I think you'll want to 
know what happened. We have been working hard though. This area is pretty hard and we have been talking to alot of 
people but not having lots of sucsess. We have been trying different ways to try to find people. We got a list of people who haven't been to church in a long time and started to visit these people too. To our surprise we have been finding that these people are really receptive and like the missionarys and also have lots of people.. be it kids or got married that haven't ever heard about the Gospel. I think it is super cool. I am excited to see what will happen this week because we will teach a few families. 
Other than that not much. 

Time is passing by fast it's crazy!! I am excited to see you guys!!! 

Love you mom!!! Have a great week!! 

Love Ben 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Esta Semana

Monday Nov. 13, 2017

Whoo Monday! 

I just really love Mondays because as a missionary you work everyday so hard. Even Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday and Sunday here is just a huge party and nobody does anything but then Monday everyone has to go back to work. But not me I get to enjoy my P-day. 

This week was great! We had a miracle happen. I am certain that the Lord has seen the effort we are putting in and he is rewarding us. We worked so hard this week, talked to everyone we could did everything, but we didnt have anyone that wanted to go to church with us. Saturday night at 8:40, only Twenty minutes before we had to be home we decided to pass by an investigator one last time that we had only taught one time to see if she was home. When we passed by, her and her son had just barley arrived home. She said she was thinking about our message during the week and wanted to go to church. So Sunday her and her son were there and they loved it. WHOO! 
We will continue to work with them towards baptism! 

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Elder Orton 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Gomes de Matos

Nov 6, 2017

It's Monday! 

I haven't done email on Monday in a long time. So fun. Hope everyone had a great Sunday and is having a great Monday to start the week. This week has been great it has really gone by so fast.
Didn't have much time last week. But for those who didn't know I'm here in an area called Gomes de Matos with my comp. that I am training Elder Ferreira. He is from Minas Gerais in Brasil. 
It has been good to be back in the field. A lot different from the office. 

This week I talked to so many people. It is crazy. Since we have gotten here we have just been talking to everyone. We have a few investigators but none of them are really progressing that 
much so we are on the hunt. This area is kind of wierd because it has a super ghetto part where there is a ton of people as passing by sitting in the road doing crazy things and a super rich part where nobody even opens their doors. You'll be in the ghetto but then you'll walk two or three blocks over and nobody will be there. 

I've really seen the hand of the Lord in the work. It has been hard but I know it would be impossible without him. 

Love you all!!! 

Elder Orton 


Oct. 30, 2017

Hi MOM!!!! I forgot that it was halloween! So fun!! This week sure was crazy!! It is a lot diffrent to be here out in the field, but is really good. I am in a area called Gomes de Matos. If you go into google maps you can put in the word MONTESE and that is the neighborhood I live in. 
It is literally right next to the airport. haha I think president wanted to play a joke on me or something. I'ts fine though I can just see planes flying over all the time. My comps. name is Elder Ferreira he is a Brazilian from Minas Gerais more down South. He will be a good comp. for this transfer. I am actually training him. He already has 6 weeks in the mission but the first 12 weeks you get trained. It is actually kind of wierd because Elder Soper my last companion did the first 6 weeks of his training. We were together so long then he went and trained him and now I am. Elder Soper went home. Super wierd we were really good friends here in the mission. He was really one of the kids that made the mission a lot easier we had a lot of good times together. He will be going to BYUI too which will be fun! Our family is going to need to get together with his family some day thay seem like awesome people. 

This week was pretty hard im not going to lie. It was a lot different. I was in the office for so long I almost forgot a little how the field was. I feel like I got to the mission again but now I just know portuguese and a lot of other things I didn't know. The change was just a little hard because we showed up in an area both new. Normally just one Elder Gets transfered at a time so somebody knows the area the members the investigators... but no. We had to walk quite a bit to get orientated. There is no investigators here either so we are starting from scratch. It has been pretty hot too. This time of year is about the hottest. I've been using a lot of sun screen in the hot sun. 

Sounds like fun! Hope everyone has a very Happy halloween!!! 

Sure do love you a lot mom! Sorry I didn't get to write a ton. I didn't send a group email just to you because you are the best! Have a great week. 

Love Ben 

1 Ano Tauape

Oct. 21, 2017

Bom dia todos,

This week was great! So I have also officially been in my area for a year! 
Last Wednesday I did one year in the area and my Comp. Elder Kroon did 
one year in the mission. I got to this area when he left to go to the MTC haha! 
Seems super weird to me how fast this year has gone! It's also going to be transfers 
next week so I am a little nervous but super excited. I could go anywhere in the mission!!

This week I really saw the hand of the Lord in the work many times. He really guides his 
children and cares and watches for them. It always seems like right when you are leaving the area 
you see a ton of things happening and all the miracles. We have been working with some few less active members this week and trying to find families. This week as we were teaching a man that has
really struggled and came to an all time low, asked if I could give him a Priesthood blessing. He is a less active and we found him right when he was needing help. It was a very neat experience. I could feel the love that God has for each one of his children. How much he loved that man that had been struggling so much. It doesn't matter how far out we are or what we have done but God continues to love us. It's not an excuse for sin but he wants us back with him he wants us on his side. God cares and is always there waiting for us to return to him. What an awesome thing right??? The Gospel is awesome! 

Also a funny story for the week... So me and my comp. Elder Kroon have to take all the calls about the medical stuff because Sister Chamberlain is still learning Portuguese. As you can imagine sometimes we get some funny calls. The Brazilians are usually the funny ones that freak out a little more, don't know why but that's just how they are. So Elder Kroon got a call this week with an Elder freakin out. He said... "ahhhh Elder Kroon my stomach is hurting!! really hurting!! Like you know it's that type of feeling you get when your hungry and you can't feel your legs!!"  Elder Kroon just didn't know what to say, he just said "Oh ya I know exactly what your talking about.. let me just talk to Sister Chamberlain and call you back in a minute." haha Just the funny things Brazilians say!! 

Anywho hope all ya are A-OK!!! 

Love you all!!

Elder Orton 


October 14, 2017

This week was super great! 

I keep thinking it is Tuesday or Wendsday but it is already Saturday. What the heck! Yesterday I was thinking... wow I'm not going to have enough money for food the rest of the week because it is only Tuesday but then I remembered it was Friday!! haha This week went by so fast! I would say the highlight of the week was a visit we had in the mission. This week Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis from the 70 visited our mission. It was a great experience to be and learn with him. Being here in the office was also cool because we had about an hour and a half to just sit down with him and talk about the mission, what was happening and what we can do better. One of the things I learned the most was about Faith. Something I always love learning and talking about. We can not do anything without faith. We need faith to do anything. Miracles have never happened without first by faith. If you want to study a great chapter I recommend reading Ether 12 in the Book of Mormon. 

Other than that we are just working really hard. I always love the chance to get out and work, there is nothing better!! 

Love you all! Hope everyone is loving life! Always remember to be happy and just love life!! 

Have a
​ √≥timo week!! :) 

Elder Orton 

Here is a pic... a little blury but hey itll do. 


October 7, 2017

This week was great!! 

Passed by super duper fast but it was great!! 
The highlight of the week for me was probably conference!! 
I thought it was just awesome!! Was so cool to be able to hear from 
all the apostles. Something I really loved that talked about a lot was 
our eternal home. We are here to learn and grown on journey through life 
to return home to live with our Father in heaven. I feel like sometimes in life we get 
so caught up in everything that we do, that we forget the important things in life 
for little unimportant things. Things that in reality, don't even matter. 

This week was great other wise just wanted to leave a thought because I
don't have much time but love you all!! 

Have a great week!! 

Elder Orton