Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Germany and Africa

September 26, 2016

Hey everyone! I hope life is great!

This week was fantastic down here in Brazil! The only thing is that everyone thinks I'm
German and my companion is African. People will yell at me when I walk down the street..
"Hey Germany!!" This week I also went on two divisions which was cool. I was with Elder Latão 
for one and Elder Lambert on the other. Elder Latão is from the North of Brazil. It's funny how fast he talks, he's faster than a formula one racer! 

This week Katia was baptized!!! I'm so happy for her! She drank so much coffee everyday but ever since we taught The Word Of Wisdom she put an end to that! She was excited for baptizm! 
It's great to see peoples lives change! 

Next week is conference  too!! I'm so excited! What a cool thing it is to have the chance to hear from prophets of God that receive revalation for our days! The prophet today is no different as in times of old. It's so cool to teach this everyday, to tell people we have a prophet today that lives, and can recieve revalation to help us and guide us!
Baptism of Katia.

This week was good and we are having a good time here in Brazil!

 Love you all!
Elder O.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


September 19, 2016

Heyyya people!

Hope everyone is great! This week was definitely an adventure! 
It seems like Monday is just a lucky day, around 4 oclock the phone always seems 
to ring with news on the other side. Last Monday it was an emergency transfer! 
So now I have a new companion named Elder Grossi here in the same area. Elder Rocha my child 
was transfered to the mission office, he will now be a secretary there! haha. The only weird thing is Elder Grossi is taller than I am... weird and he's Brazilian too. So now I am no longer the tallest person in Brazil. 

This week we have been working alot with our investigator Katia. She has been working really hard this week to not drink coffe. She has been doing so good and is preparing for baptizm! Her baptizm is marked for this Saturday which is so exciting! 

We also talked to some funny people this week. We knocked on a door and some young adult/ kid answered the door. I said "Hey Brother, how are you?" He than responded fastly "FIRST DONT CALL ME BROTHER! ITS A FAULT OF RESPECT, AND SECONDLY MY NAME IS RAFIELE!" He then tried to be all intimidating cracking his knuckles and I said " Are you happy today?" he said he wasn't happy... big suprise! But we invited him to church so it's all good! People here are funny.

I've been reading in Alma this week and it's awesome! The love they have for their brothers and sisters that are lost, and how much Alma and his brothers trust in the Lord! Always rememeber to trust the Lord, he will always help you and you will be happy!! 

Love you all
Elder Orton
View from the Mission office
Lukes turtle

Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016

Hey Everyone!!!
Hope everyone is doing fantabulous!!

This week Me and Elder Rocha got to see a couple miracles! 
We have been working so hard
to find new investigators and fasting and it really paid off!!

This week we have been teaching a women named Katia! 
She is a middle aged women we found making a contact with in the road. She takes care of her mom that has parkinson disease. She is Catholic but was really open to our message! We taught her a lot this week. She feels what she is doing is right but still has doubts. We have focused a lot on the Book of Mormon with her. As I have been reading the Book of Mormon lately  the stories have really came to life, and I have been able to feel the power too. So we have been really focusing on the Book of Mormon. I know through the Book Of Mormon people lives can change and people can come to know God! 

This week we also taught alot with Bruno a member in our Branch. He is seriously the coolest person I have ever taked to! He's blind but that doesn't stop him from anything. He knows how to do more stuff than normal people. haha!!  But I love bringing him with us because people really listen when he talkes and we can really enter any house with him. 

We also got to do a little march thing in the street with our branch as a service project on Wednesday telling people about the danger of misquitos. The only bummer was one of the members got his car stolen when we were out doing it... Brazil.

This week was awesome i love being out here! Love you all!!

Elder Orton

Monday, September 5, 2016

September 5, 2-16


Hey fam!! And friends!!!
It's already September! What the heck, where has time gone???
This week is the week of transfers!! I'll be staying here in
 Granja Portugal with my companion Elder Rocha!
 If you want to see my house look up Rua Jose Abilio 
1449 Granja Portugal Fortaleza Ceara Brasil! 
Our house is pretty beautiful! Also got a envelope with 
like a million letters from all the cousins this week! 
Thanks guys I feel loved! 

This week we had a conference  with Elder Lima of the 70! 
It was pretty awesome. He gave a really good talk!
 One thing that I really liked is he talked about how we are the lords angels,
 and since we are, we need to live like angels too. 
We need to be the angels in the lives of others. 
He talked about the importance of obedience too! 
Let us be 100% obedient!

I've been reading in Alma lately  and I love the story Amon, 
and how he was able to teach so many people. 
The important thing is he didn't just show up and start preaching 
but he was an example and friend to everyone.
 I thought about this latley. I need to be as better friend.
 Let us all be better friends in this world, examples,
 let people see the light of Christ in your eyes! 
The light of Christ needs to be shared with this 
world so don't be afraid to step out of your confort zone!! 

Love you guys so much and love life!!! 

Elder Orton