Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bom Dia!

Saturday March 11, 2017

This week was great! I can't believe how fast it went by! 

I'ts been raining lately here in Fortaleza. I'ts almost rained everyday 
for about a month now. I'm really enjoying it... it's been so nice. 
The only diffrence here is that you don't get the fresh rain smell.
I don't know why it just smells different here. One thing for sure 
is that it rains hard. It's not the little wimpy Utah rain. It's 
tropical rain. If it starts you better hide because you'll be swimming 
in the street before you know it. Alot of people have been sick 
because of the rain. Everyone thinks it's cold when it rains here... but 

This week was really great! We found a family. A mom and a daughter.
Their names are Adilia and Heiloisa.This week my testimony has even
gotten stronger in trusting Him. Everything really is the timing of 
the Lord. Sometimes He tests your patience but there is a time for 
everything. That's why i'ts so great that it's His work, because He is 
always there guiding the work. He always guides you were you need
to be and gives you the words to speak. This family is great. They already 
have accepted to be baptized so we are working on getting them ready. 
What a blessing it is in our lifes, I dont know if I could say that enough.
I know I feel like I always say the same thing, but I just can't help it. 
THE GOSPEL IS AWESOME! It changes lives. I love it. 

Really love you guys! 
HAve a great week!!! 

Elder Orton

Marco ja?

Saturday March 4, 2017


Hope everybody had a fabulous week and things didn't get to 
crazy during carnaval up there in America. This week was 
great it wasn't the most productive but it was good. Carnaval 
was this week so we basically didn't get to do almost any 
teaching. We had to be home by 7:00 everyday. We 
basically would just go to the office leave at around 5:00 
in the afternoon run to our area and do something and then 
run home. Carnaval also closed basically everything. 
Nothing was open this week. Looked like the city was 
abandoned during the day. 
I'm still a little confused what carnaval is all about..
It literally makes no sense. There would be people 
in random costumes or people drinking or just weird 
random stuff. Looked like halloween with a twist.
Monday Elder Soper and I were in the road and 
at the corner. A car passed by blasting music with
some dude riding on the hood with a cardboard 
cutout of a pirate head while people followed behind 
dancing weird. We were just like..... WHAT???

I've been studying this week. I've thought alot about 
how perfect Gods plan for us is. It was nothing thrown
together. It was planned perfectly and everything evolves
around the plan. This is why we are here! We are here to learn!
It's a step in the plan! I just really see the love God  has for us in 
everything. Everyday I have a new experience or something happens 
and it just lets me know more and more He is there. God is so real!
He is in everything that we do. Makes me so happy everyday to be here
because I get to serve him. 

Really love you guys all so much!!! 
HAve a great WEEK!!!!

LOve Elder Orton!