Monday, February 27, 2017


Saturday Feb. 25, 2017

Hey everyone!! Happy Carnaval!!! 

Yesterday the biggest holiday of the year started here in lovely Brasil. 
It's called Carnaval and i'ts crazy!! Just think about crazy and you'll
think about carnaval! 

This week was great! We had transfers this week which was an 
adventure! Nothing to crazy happened. I didn't change areas and I'm here 
with the one and only Elder Soper, so life is good. It was a lot of
work this week getting everyone home and all the new missionarys here. 
I'm actually getting really good at translating which is cool! When new 
missionarys get here they basically don't understand anything so when
President and the assistents give there training somebodys got to help them out. 
I just sit behind them and traslate everything they are saying. I'ts pretty hard,
but I'm pretty much a Jedi at it.

This week we found a new investigator named Gabriel. He lives at the very end of our area
so me and Elder Soper have to walk so far to teach him. His whole family are less actives and some want to return to church and he wants to get baptized! YAY! 

I really love everyday here in the mission! I hope everyone loves life too! 
Always remember to do what is right!! 

Love you ALL!!! 

Elder Orton

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Saturday February 18, 2017

Hi everyone!

This week was great! Can't say it was anything less. 
Nothing to crazy happened this week... was a pretty 
normal week. Also want to wish everyone a Happy 
Valentines day. Nobody celebrates it here in Brasil.
It's called dia das namoradas, and it's in June or
something... not even cool. I hope everyone had a 
great week too! 

This week we have been getting ready for the 
transfer. It's coming up on Tuesday. The week 
before is always really busy in the mission 
office. There will be a lot of people leaving 
the mission and a lot of people coming in.
The mission should have some changes so we will
see what will happen. 

I've continued studing Jesus The Christ 
this week which has been really interesting.
I'm studing in English because that book
is pretty complicated in parts. Sometimes
i'll be reading and i'll feel like I just got 
to Brasil again and I have no idea what 
it just said. I really love studing about the 
Savior and his life. I always think about 
him in all that iIdo. I'm so grateful for Him. 
That's why I'm here. So others can know Him too.

Love you all! 
Always do what is right! 
Do what He would do! 

Love Elder Orton


Saturday February 11, 2017

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! 

Elder Soper and I had a wish come true today! Last night when we were going to bed 
Elder Soper said, would be so cool if it rained tomorrow. We woke up this morning
and it was pouring and it hasn't stopped all day. I told him next time he wishes for 
something it better be a Ferrari to pick up our investigator Sunday morning. 

This week was really great. There is always alot happening her'e but I love it.
I always like being on the move doing something diffrent. Weve been 
having success with some of our investigators too. We've been teaching 
a young women named Marcia. She's talked to the missionarys before 
but now it really clicked with her. Now she just has to get married. 
She's been working hard this week to figure that out. Here in Brasil
it's seriuosly so hard to get people married because you need paper work
and money and that's one thing nobody has. One thing she said after 
we taught her one night was that everything would work out for marriage 
so she could have the chance to be baptized. 

This week I also started reading the book " Jesus The Christ" I've 
always wanted to read it but I;ve never got around to it. I'm only on the fourth chapter 
now but it is so interesting. I love reading about Christ and what he has done for us. 
Really without him we would be lost. Love all he has done for me. I want to be 
more and more like him every day in my life. I hope you guys do too. 
He lived perfectly so we need to give it our all. Really love the mission. 
This really is the best thing I've ever done! 

Love you all! 

Elder Orton

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Happy Saturday!

February 4, 2017

Happy Saturday. 

Looks like it's Saturday again. This week was great of course.
Filled with new adventures every day. Sometimes here in
the mission you lay in bed and think about things you did that
morning and it almost feels like it was a different day. It's 
crazy how many things you can get done in one day here!
I think if everyone planned like missionarys we would end
with world hunger, be without war, and everyone would
hold the door open for that little old lady that walks really slow. 
Just goes to show maybe if we were a little more proactive
we could make the world an even better place. 

We had a lot of adventures this week. I think I was out 
of the mission office for most of the week. I was with 
Elder J. Flores and Elder da Rocha fixing things.
It's pretty cool here in Brasil because everything is really
simple how they build it so you can really learn how to fix
anything. We also helped some more Elders move this 

Me and Elder Soper also had some cool experiences 
with some of our recent converts too.
We printed photos of their baptisms and made 
a lesson out of it. When we gave them the photos we asked
them to think a little bit and tell us how they felt that day. 
Auxiliadora, Eduarda and Livia (Mom And Daughters)
Told us that they felt something very different. They felt so 
happy, so clean ,so pure. They said like they never had done
 anything wrong again. It's the best to here the testimonys 
of recent converts. You can see the change. They understand,
there happy, they are a different person. They want to do better 
every day because they know the difference. Something we lack
as people that have known the gospel for so long. We need 
that testimony that "fire". Think about how you felt that day!
What changed in your life? And where are you now? 
The coolest thing is we can pray everyday to recieve a 
testimony to feel that truthfulness again, and God will respond
to our prayers. 

Love you all so much, thanks for all the love and emails!

Love Elder Orton 

A Revolution

January 28, 2017

Hey fam! 

Looks like its snowing lots and lots! Feel free to stick some in a box
and send it to Brasil, they could use it. 

This week was a pretty crazy week. We had a mission conference! 
It was awesome. President Bonini gave a really good training, 
I loved it. He talked about proactivity and how we can help 
others even more. The thing that's so cool about the mission
is it's really a training for life. There's so many things you learn 
here about helping people and working hard and being proactive. 
Scripture study prayer etc. etc. but really it doesn't stop here in the field. Everything 
you learn here goes on after. It doesn't stop here. That's why 
we have to continue every day. Just because we've had 
spiritual experiences in the past or we've learned a lot, we 
have to continue. We need these experiences every day for spiritual
health. How can you eat a buffet one day and then not eat until 
a year later. Just doesn't work. We need to eat everyday, and that's 
the same way spiritually too. So we have do work everyday to
have that power, that light of Christ. We need to read ,we need to pray, 
we have to be our bests everyday to be spiritually strong.

Sorry the emails so short this week but that doesn't mean 
I don't love you guys.


Elder Orton


January 21, 2017

Good morning, 

I hope America is still the promise land.:) I hear we got a new President!

I also hope everyone had a fabulous week, because anything less is unaceptable. 

This week I think I got about the sweatiest I have ever gotten in my life.
Lets just say I didn't smell to dandy after we were done. 
Yesterday we had the opportunity/ blessing to help some Sister missionarys
move...      WOW
 I've always thought I packed a lot of stuff when I went on trips or on a little 
hike, but yesterday I kill my doubts. How can a Sister have a suitcase that ways 150
pounds?? I'm pretty sure those four Sisters have been collecting cool little 
rocks on the road or something. Who knows what they have! All in all we got to help some sisters. It was actually really fun! I always love getting a little dirty doing some hard work.
They moved up to a third floor apartment that had a tiny little stair way. It was pretty fun getting the fridge up those stairs! It all worked out in the end and now those sisters are living happily ever after in that cute little 3rd floor apartment. 

This week me and Elder Soper went crazy. We worked so hard this week. We talked to everyone, I mean everyone. We were seriously crazy to find people. Sometimes it's 
crazy hard to find people ready to hear the message of the gospel so you have to 
work crazy hard to be able to find them. One thing I've learned here is there is 
nothing better than work. If you want to achieve something or hit a goal you have to work. Doesn't do anything when you just think about how cool it would be. One quote I love
by President Hickley says " Get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and go to work" That's the Perfect combination. You can pray for help but all in all you have to work your hardest too. When we do that, God will bless us with results! 

Love you all!
 Thanks for a the letters and
 love sent down here to me 
in Brasil! 

Elder Orton