Tuesday, February 7, 2017


January 21, 2017

Good morning, 

I hope America is still the promise land.:) I hear we got a new President!

I also hope everyone had a fabulous week, because anything less is unaceptable. 

This week I think I got about the sweatiest I have ever gotten in my life.
Lets just say I didn't smell to dandy after we were done. 
Yesterday we had the opportunity/ blessing to help some Sister missionarys
move...      WOW
 I've always thought I packed a lot of stuff when I went on trips or on a little 
hike, but yesterday I kill my doubts. How can a Sister have a suitcase that ways 150
pounds?? I'm pretty sure those four Sisters have been collecting cool little 
rocks on the road or something. Who knows what they have! All in all we got to help some sisters. It was actually really fun! I always love getting a little dirty doing some hard work.
They moved up to a third floor apartment that had a tiny little stair way. It was pretty fun getting the fridge up those stairs! It all worked out in the end and now those sisters are living happily ever after in that cute little 3rd floor apartment. 

This week me and Elder Soper went crazy. We worked so hard this week. We talked to everyone, I mean everyone. We were seriously crazy to find people. Sometimes it's 
crazy hard to find people ready to hear the message of the gospel so you have to 
work crazy hard to be able to find them. One thing I've learned here is there is 
nothing better than work. If you want to achieve something or hit a goal you have to work. Doesn't do anything when you just think about how cool it would be. One quote I love
by President Hickley says " Get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and go to work" That's the Perfect combination. You can pray for help but all in all you have to work your hardest too. When we do that, God will bless us with results! 

Love you all!
 Thanks for a the letters and
 love sent down here to me 
in Brasil! 

Elder Orton

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