Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Revolution

January 28, 2017

Hey fam! 

Looks like its snowing lots and lots! Feel free to stick some in a box
and send it to Brasil, they could use it. 

This week was a pretty crazy week. We had a mission conference! 
It was awesome. President Bonini gave a really good training, 
I loved it. He talked about proactivity and how we can help 
others even more. The thing that's so cool about the mission
is it's really a training for life. There's so many things you learn 
here about helping people and working hard and being proactive. 
Scripture study prayer etc. etc. but really it doesn't stop here in the field. Everything 
you learn here goes on after. It doesn't stop here. That's why 
we have to continue every day. Just because we've had 
spiritual experiences in the past or we've learned a lot, we 
have to continue. We need these experiences every day for spiritual
health. How can you eat a buffet one day and then not eat until 
a year later. Just doesn't work. We need to eat everyday, and that's 
the same way spiritually too. So we have do work everyday to
have that power, that light of Christ. We need to read ,we need to pray, 
we have to be our bests everyday to be spiritually strong.

Sorry the emails so short this week but that doesn't mean 
I don't love you guys.


Elder Orton

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