Sunday, February 19, 2017


Saturday February 18, 2017

Hi everyone!

This week was great! Can't say it was anything less. 
Nothing to crazy happened this week... was a pretty 
normal week. Also want to wish everyone a Happy 
Valentines day. Nobody celebrates it here in Brasil.
It's called dia das namoradas, and it's in June or
something... not even cool. I hope everyone had a 
great week too! 

This week we have been getting ready for the 
transfer. It's coming up on Tuesday. The week 
before is always really busy in the mission 
office. There will be a lot of people leaving 
the mission and a lot of people coming in.
The mission should have some changes so we will
see what will happen. 

I've continued studing Jesus The Christ 
this week which has been really interesting.
I'm studing in English because that book
is pretty complicated in parts. Sometimes
i'll be reading and i'll feel like I just got 
to Brasil again and I have no idea what 
it just said. I really love studing about the 
Savior and his life. I always think about 
him in all that iIdo. I'm so grateful for Him. 
That's why I'm here. So others can know Him too.

Love you all! 
Always do what is right! 
Do what He would do! 

Love Elder Orton

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