Sunday, June 25, 2017


 Lunch with President
 View from Presidents Apartment

 Temple Fortaleza
Sweet Car

Sao Joao

June 24, 2017

Hey yáll!! 

Hope everyone is having a great day there in the good 
old US of A. 

This week was great! Always busy for sure. We had transfers this week! 
I already knew I was staying in the area but this will be one more down here 
in Tauape! This is my 7th transfer in the area! haha crazy! It's also my 7th with 
my comp. Elder Soper! I think we must be breaking records! 

This week is the week of São João here in Brazil. It's really celebrated here in the north east part of Brazil! It's a really cool tradicional holiday! Everyone dresses up like cowboys 
or farmers from the older days and they have fun music and dancing kind of like a 
Brazilian square dancing you could say, and eat alot of corn. We have seen people 
practicing for a couple weeks now out in the street at night but today is the official holiday! 
This week we have been working as hard as ever. I always love being here!! 
This week I have been relistening to a couple conference talks from this last 
General Conference we had. One thing I really loved was a quote from Elder Stevenson.
He was talking about the Holy Ghost and why it is so important in our lives. One thing 
he said was "Stay close to the Spirit and it will stay close to you." So simple.
We always need to be living in a way that the Spirit can guide us in our lives. When 
we do what's right and do what we can to stay close the Spirit will stay with us. 
It's a promise. 

Love you all! Have a great week! 

Love Elder Orton 


June 17, 2017

I think this last transfer was the fastest six weeks of my life.
I think somebody is making all the clocks go faster and faster.

This last week was great! It passed by so fast! Holy cow!
It was the last week of the transfer so next week we will
be starting a new one. These next few weeks will be super
crazy because we will be getting our new mission President,
President Chamberlain.

This week was super great too! Me and Elder Soper have
been working really hard and the Lord has been blessing
us. We have been able to find some new investigators
this week. We have been working hard to help them
progress too.

This week I have been continuing to read in Alma!
I think the stories are the best and such a great example to me.
Today I was also reading in "Jesus the Christ" about a few parables
that the Savior taught. So interesting. Stories that are so simple
but we must read with an open heart to understand what is being taught.
As a missionary there is a lot of things to be learned.

So grateful to be here every day learning and growing and help others do
the same!!

Love you all!

Elder Orton

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Felicidade no Brazil

June 10, 2017

Hey peeps happy Saturday! 

This week was great and full of many adventures! 
Always hard work here in Brasil! We have been 
working hard to be able to find investigators this week.
Not much happened with João Paulo (the investigator 
I mentioned last week) but he wants to know which 
path he should take. This week we really challenged him 
to read the Book Of Mormon and ponder and pray about 

Yesterday I got out of the mission office a little bit and 
went with Elder J. Flores on a little adventure. We had to 
go look at a new house that the missionarys will be living in 
and had other things to do too. We went all the way to 
Caucia a (Little) city that is right on the border of 
Fortaleza. We passed just about through all of Fortaleza 
yesterday. I was thinking a little about all that I have. 
Even here in Brasil when people are so poor and 
struggling you can still fall in to the routine and forget 
all the blessings you have. It just seems normal to you 
after time. It's crazy how fast we can take things for granted. 
I'm really so gratefull for all the blessings I have and the Gospel 
in my life and all the difference it has made. I'm grateful for my Savior! 
Life is really so full of happiness and joy when we live in the right way! 

Have a great week!
Love Elder Orton 

The Pics...
1. Birthday Package arrived
2. A cool train with graffiti
3. Saw a car that made me scream. (Audi R8) :)

O louco

June 3, 2017

Hey people! 

Just wanted to wish you guys a very happy Saturday! 
This week was great down here in South America! Can't 
believe that it is already June! I'm almost 20!!! Crazy!! 

This week me and Elder Soper had a couple cool experiences! 
We got a reference from a missionary in another area. He called 
us and said there was somebody that visted their ward on Sunday 
but he lived in our area. We called him and marked an appointment. 
His name is João we talked to him a little and he told us about his life.
He had a friend that lived in the other ward and he has always know a little
about the church but never was interested enough to visit until now. 
This past year his dad passed away and also his Grandma. Two people
that he loved the most. On Tuesday we taught him about the Restoration
on how we have the church of Jesus Christ with us on the earth today. It 
was a really good lesson. We invited him to pray and left. 
Yesterday we showed up at his house to teach him again. Me and Elder Soper
prepared a lesson really special about the Plan of Salvation and how families
could be together forever. When we got there we was just leaving and he saw us. 
He said danger I can't believe I forgot I marked with you guys but he let us in.
He had lots of questions about lots of different things so we didn't really have time to 
teach we mostly were just there to answer questions. He said something really cool
though he said the night we came into his house he felt something different but he 
didn't know what it was. He said when we were teaching him he kept looking to his side
because he thought his family was there with him. He said he could feel they were beside 
him. That was pretty cool. The night we came he said he also had a dream that his dad 
came to him and gave him some council. His dad told him he needed to go and end the 
relationship he has been having with his girlfriend. That's were he was going when we showed up
at his house. We had the chance to explain why and that there were some commandments 
he needed to keep to get baptized and that was one he was breaking. It was a really cool 
experience. So cool to see that the Lord is preparing people long before you even know. 

The Lord has a plan for everything! Not just a Plan but a perfect plan! 

Love you all! Have a great week!! 

Elder Orton


May 27, 2017

Hey fam! Always feel like I never know how to start my 
letters. The week passes so fast that I feel like I didn't 
even have time to think inbetween writing one and 
another! This week was great! Always lots of things 
happening! I went to the airport again today! I almost 
didn't believe it when Sister Bonini told me I had to go there 
again. I think they like to just joke around with me. They wait till 
Friday every week and then they're like haha lets call Elder Orton! 
It's great though! Don't mind going on a little field trip every p-day! 

One funny thing that happened this week was when me and Elder J. 
Flores went to the market in the city center to get some supplies 
for the mission office. We walked all around just to find this velvet 
stuff to make a board for the mission office. But when we were on the 
way back two dudes got on the bus and the guy that you have to pay 
to get on was like GET OFF! HEY YOU TWO GET OFF!!! One guy got 
off and the other one was like no nananaa.. complaning. Then the guy that takes 
the money got up out of his chair and was ready to fight this guy on the bus. 
He got off the bus but then these two dudes were chasing the bus down the road. 
Everyone on the bus had eyes the size of watermelons! haha. Me and Elder J. Flores 
thought we would turn a corner and all their hobbo friends would be there and take over the bus! haha. Was pretty funny though! Only things like this happen here and it's like every day! haha

Me and Elder Soper are here in Tauape (our area) working as hard as ever. 
We have really been working on our planing and perfecting everything we do 
These past confrences we have had with President, he has really focused on planning and 
how we need to do it. Not just as missionarys but all of us need plans. President is really 
great. Everything he says is really direct and true. He has been part of the military and a firefighter so one thing he talkes about is simply just work. There is no better solution! If we want something to happen we got to work. It's as simple as that! We can plan, we can think, we can do everything even to the point of praying but nothing will happen until we work. We got to put in our effert and God will do the rest when we have done all that we can! That's why the Gospel 
is so great and also as a missionary! When I've done all that I can, I can rely on God 
and he will do the rest! And I know he will, he always has! What a great thing the Gospel is 
so simple so true! 

It's great down here in Brasil!! Hope everyone is having a great day, week, month, or year..
whatever it may be let it be great! 

Elder Orton 

Ceara meu chapa

May 20, 2017

Hey Fam! Happy Saturday! 

This week was great! Just one more hot week here in Ceará. (The best state of Brazil)
It's a beautiful morning here but sure is hot. The rainy season is starting to come to an 
end and I think I've forgotten how hot it gets when the suns out. I went to the airport 
again today! Feels like almost every p-day I have to go there. I think I've been to 
this airport here in Brasil more than I ever did in the U.S. 

We have been teaching a few people this week in our area. One is named Gilvete.
She is really Catholic and never stops reading the Bible. She is really searching for 
the truth and wants to know which path to take. 

Yesterday we had a mission conference with President Grahl. He is the President 
of the MTC here is Brasil. President Bonini knows him pretty well for a long time 
so he came to our mission. I got to talk to them a litttle when they came to the 
mission office on Thursday which was really cool. Such great people. When they
walked in they said.. "Oh I remeber you!" I was super suprised because it's been 
a year and a half since I was in the MTC. Can really see the love they have for the 
work of the Lord. One thing that I really liked that he talked about was the path that 
we take in life. If we don't really care where we are going it doesn't matter what path 
we take. If we want to be happy feel peace and return to our home in heaven we 
need to have goals we need to know excatly were we need to go. Rules aren't here 
to stop us but are there as a path we have to follow the rules/ commandments
to return home again. 

Brasils great! Always learning something new here! 
Love you Guys!! 

Elder Orton 

Transferencia #6

May 13, 2017

Hey family! 

You might be wondering why I titled my message Transferência #6 because I 
obviously have more than six transfers in my mission. It's because I'll be staying 
in the area!!!! WHOOO HOO! This will all ready be my sixth transfer in this area! 
I cant believe I have all ready been in this area this long. It feels like I just got here
yesterday. At the end of this transfer I'll have the same amount of time in this 
area than all my other areas combined. It really has been a crazy experience here 
and I still have a lot of experiences to have. 

These next 6 weeks should be pretty crazy. Presidente will be leaving and President 
Chamberlain will be getting here in 7 weeks. That will be a crazy change and will
be interesting to see what will happen.

I'm still here with Elder Soper. This will be our 6th transfer together too! I don't think anybody
else has probaly had a comp. for that long. It's great though because Elder Soper 
is really cool and easy going. He also likes to work when it's time to work too which is great.
We have been really doing alot to find people we haven't talked to yet. We have been here for a long time so we really have to plan and rely on the spirit to tell us were we need to go. 
I have seen a lot of miracles in this area... it's so cool what the gospel does in the lives of others. 

Love you guys so much!!
Elder Orton