Sunday, May 7, 2017

New Pics...

 Easter Play
 Scary Little dude
 Easter Play
 Ordering Missionary Name Tags
 At the Airport
Doing a little office work


May 6, 2017

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great day! I hear it's heating 
up in Utah! Hope everyone is enjoying the sun before it decides to
snow again next week! :) 

This week was great! It passed by so fast! AHH It is already the 
last week of the transfer! We will be having a transfer on Monday! 
We will see what happens... 

This week was good. Lots of stuff that happened as normal. We 
have found a few new investigators this week and we have been 
focusing on working with the members alot! I think it is 100 times 
more affective when you use members. People naturally feel more 
comfortable when you have a normal person with you. It's funny because 
people hide from the missionarys. You'll be walking down the street and 
people will cross just to not walk by you or people will see you coming
 and go inside their house real quick. You have to be smart as a missionary. 
One lady we are teaching is Tina. She is 22 years old but has allready had 
a lot of crazy things happen in her life. We are hoping she'll come to church

Time is passing by fast! I'ts crazy! 
Really love the mission and the opportunities I have here!! 
Love you all! 

Elder Orton 

As a side note, I asked Ben what some of his tricks were to talk to people... This is what he told me.

I have some good tricks though... you just have to be cool with people here because they won't like you if your boring. A good thing is to just ask them some random name. 
Be like.. Hey does John live here? They'll be like noo, but then you are already talking to them so it's like... haha to late for you! 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Mission Pics

 Go Brazil!!
 No one answered
 Elder O. for President
 Holiday so no traffic
 Shout Out To Miss Summer Orton
 The Office
At Presidents Home


April 28, 2017

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! 

I can't believe another week has already gone by! It's going to be May 
in two days! What the heck! This week has been great. Today we 
actually had a Mission conference with Sister Marriot of the young 
womens presidency! It's been crazy this month because we haven't 
really had p-day for about 3 weeks. Every Saturday something new happens.
It's really great just lots of running around. 

Today we woke up at 5:20 got ready and walked to the Chapel were we met with
our zone. After we got on a bus and drove to the other side of Fortaleza to 
the conference. It was with both missions! Sister Marriot talked about 
her conversion Experience when she was 22 years old and how the 
gospel changed her life. It was pretty special.. both mission Presidents also 
gave their testimony because President Bonini our president and 
President Leite are converts also. What a blessing the gospel is in our lives.

IM really so grateful to be here in the mission. It's crazy how you gain such 
a different prospective in life. The gospel is so simple and so happy. 
Love you guys so much!! 

Elder Orton

Dia 22 de Abril

April 22, 2017


Hope everybody is having a great day! 

This week was just another great week in the mission. We have been working 
as hard as ever. The mission is so cool because you are always learning
new things everyday. Everyday I feel like I learn so much.
Nothing to special to report this week. Yesterday was a holiday named 
tirar dentes but nobody really knows why they celebrate it. I asked 
a couple people but they say it's really just an excuse to not go to work. 
It's been pretty hot this week. It hasn't been raining as much as it has 
been and now it's just super hot. You seriously never stop sweating 
it's crazy. 

Don't have much time to write this week but I hope everyone is doing great! 
Always remember to read your scriptures and pray every day! 
It's so important! And you'll be so happy! 

Love you all! 
Elder Orton