Sunday, June 11, 2017

Felicidade no Brazil

June 10, 2017

Hey peeps happy Saturday! 

This week was great and full of many adventures! 
Always hard work here in Brasil! We have been 
working hard to be able to find investigators this week.
Not much happened with João Paulo (the investigator 
I mentioned last week) but he wants to know which 
path he should take. This week we really challenged him 
to read the Book Of Mormon and ponder and pray about 

Yesterday I got out of the mission office a little bit and 
went with Elder J. Flores on a little adventure. We had to 
go look at a new house that the missionarys will be living in 
and had other things to do too. We went all the way to 
Caucia a (Little) city that is right on the border of 
Fortaleza. We passed just about through all of Fortaleza 
yesterday. I was thinking a little about all that I have. 
Even here in Brasil when people are so poor and 
struggling you can still fall in to the routine and forget 
all the blessings you have. It just seems normal to you 
after time. It's crazy how fast we can take things for granted. 
I'm really so gratefull for all the blessings I have and the Gospel 
in my life and all the difference it has made. I'm grateful for my Savior! 
Life is really so full of happiness and joy when we live in the right way! 

Have a great week!
Love Elder Orton 

The Pics...
1. Birthday Package arrived
2. A cool train with graffiti
3. Saw a car that made me scream. (Audi R8) :)

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