Sunday, June 11, 2017

O louco

June 3, 2017

Hey people! 

Just wanted to wish you guys a very happy Saturday! 
This week was great down here in South America! Can't 
believe that it is already June! I'm almost 20!!! Crazy!! 

This week me and Elder Soper had a couple cool experiences! 
We got a reference from a missionary in another area. He called 
us and said there was somebody that visted their ward on Sunday 
but he lived in our area. We called him and marked an appointment. 
His name is João we talked to him a little and he told us about his life.
He had a friend that lived in the other ward and he has always know a little
about the church but never was interested enough to visit until now. 
This past year his dad passed away and also his Grandma. Two people
that he loved the most. On Tuesday we taught him about the Restoration
on how we have the church of Jesus Christ with us on the earth today. It 
was a really good lesson. We invited him to pray and left. 
Yesterday we showed up at his house to teach him again. Me and Elder Soper
prepared a lesson really special about the Plan of Salvation and how families
could be together forever. When we got there we was just leaving and he saw us. 
He said danger I can't believe I forgot I marked with you guys but he let us in.
He had lots of questions about lots of different things so we didn't really have time to 
teach we mostly were just there to answer questions. He said something really cool
though he said the night we came into his house he felt something different but he 
didn't know what it was. He said when we were teaching him he kept looking to his side
because he thought his family was there with him. He said he could feel they were beside 
him. That was pretty cool. The night we came he said he also had a dream that his dad 
came to him and gave him some council. His dad told him he needed to go and end the 
relationship he has been having with his girlfriend. That's were he was going when we showed up
at his house. We had the chance to explain why and that there were some commandments 
he needed to keep to get baptized and that was one he was breaking. It was a really cool 
experience. So cool to see that the Lord is preparing people long before you even know. 

The Lord has a plan for everything! Not just a Plan but a perfect plan! 

Love you all! Have a great week!! 

Elder Orton

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