Sunday, June 11, 2017


May 27, 2017

Hey fam! Always feel like I never know how to start my 
letters. The week passes so fast that I feel like I didn't 
even have time to think inbetween writing one and 
another! This week was great! Always lots of things 
happening! I went to the airport again today! I almost 
didn't believe it when Sister Bonini told me I had to go there 
again. I think they like to just joke around with me. They wait till 
Friday every week and then they're like haha lets call Elder Orton! 
It's great though! Don't mind going on a little field trip every p-day! 

One funny thing that happened this week was when me and Elder J. 
Flores went to the market in the city center to get some supplies 
for the mission office. We walked all around just to find this velvet 
stuff to make a board for the mission office. But when we were on the 
way back two dudes got on the bus and the guy that you have to pay 
to get on was like GET OFF! HEY YOU TWO GET OFF!!! One guy got 
off and the other one was like no nananaa.. complaning. Then the guy that takes 
the money got up out of his chair and was ready to fight this guy on the bus. 
He got off the bus but then these two dudes were chasing the bus down the road. 
Everyone on the bus had eyes the size of watermelons! haha. Me and Elder J. Flores 
thought we would turn a corner and all their hobbo friends would be there and take over the bus! haha. Was pretty funny though! Only things like this happen here and it's like every day! haha

Me and Elder Soper are here in Tauape (our area) working as hard as ever. 
We have really been working on our planing and perfecting everything we do 
These past confrences we have had with President, he has really focused on planning and 
how we need to do it. Not just as missionarys but all of us need plans. President is really 
great. Everything he says is really direct and true. He has been part of the military and a firefighter so one thing he talkes about is simply just work. There is no better solution! If we want something to happen we got to work. It's as simple as that! We can plan, we can think, we can do everything even to the point of praying but nothing will happen until we work. We got to put in our effert and God will do the rest when we have done all that we can! That's why the Gospel 
is so great and also as a missionary! When I've done all that I can, I can rely on God 
and he will do the rest! And I know he will, he always has! What a great thing the Gospel is 
so simple so true! 

It's great down here in Brasil!! Hope everyone is having a great day, week, month, or year..
whatever it may be let it be great! 

Elder Orton 

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