Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Happy Saturday!

February 4, 2017

Happy Saturday. 

Looks like it's Saturday again. This week was great of course.
Filled with new adventures every day. Sometimes here in
the mission you lay in bed and think about things you did that
morning and it almost feels like it was a different day. It's 
crazy how many things you can get done in one day here!
I think if everyone planned like missionarys we would end
with world hunger, be without war, and everyone would
hold the door open for that little old lady that walks really slow. 
Just goes to show maybe if we were a little more proactive
we could make the world an even better place. 

We had a lot of adventures this week. I think I was out 
of the mission office for most of the week. I was with 
Elder J. Flores and Elder da Rocha fixing things.
It's pretty cool here in Brasil because everything is really
simple how they build it so you can really learn how to fix
anything. We also helped some more Elders move this 

Me and Elder Soper also had some cool experiences 
with some of our recent converts too.
We printed photos of their baptisms and made 
a lesson out of it. When we gave them the photos we asked
them to think a little bit and tell us how they felt that day. 
Auxiliadora, Eduarda and Livia (Mom And Daughters)
Told us that they felt something very different. They felt so 
happy, so clean ,so pure. They said like they never had done
 anything wrong again. It's the best to here the testimonys 
of recent converts. You can see the change. They understand,
there happy, they are a different person. They want to do better 
every day because they know the difference. Something we lack
as people that have known the gospel for so long. We need 
that testimony that "fire". Think about how you felt that day!
What changed in your life? And where are you now? 
The coolest thing is we can pray everyday to recieve a 
testimony to feel that truthfulness again, and God will respond
to our prayers. 

Love you all so much, thanks for all the love and emails!

Love Elder Orton 

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