Tuesday, March 15, 2016

WEEK 10 March 14, 2016

Bom dia!!!! Como vai?? Tudo bem? 

Hello world just Elder Orton reporting from Fortaleza Brazil!
This week was good! Filled with lots of hard work and teaching!!
Just a rough outline of the week! 

Monday- P-day, emailed cleaned house bought some food!
Tuesday- Very hot with lots of walking but taught a lesson to a huge family!
Wednesday- Committed a girl named Victoria to baptizm and invited her to church!
Thursday-Taught lots of lessons to random people.
Friday- Taught more lessons.
Saturday- We had a lot of lessons lined up but all of our appointments fell through
 because people aren't home saturday.. frustrating.
Sunday- CHURCH!! Also found a gold investigator and taught the Restoration!

This week was really good though! Me and my companion
 Elder Vinicius are starting to figure out how to work effectivly together. 
We taught 3 times as many lessons this week as we did last week! 

 It's interesting being here and learning about the culture!
 You would think as a missionary it would be easy to go into a 
Christian persons home and be able to teach about Christ
 and have lots of success because they already have that fundamental belief. 
It's opposite of what you think, here you can go into a home where people have
 never really gone to church not really know who God is and they will believe everything you say! 
When we teach Catholics it's impossible to teach. You can't even get through a lesson.
 It's the people that have nothing that catch hold of the gospel.
 It's the people that are hungering for something more in their life.
 Yesterday we found a new investigator that is golden! His name is Ronas.
 Everything that is happening in his life right now made it possible for us to teach him.
 We are going to committ him to baptizm tonight so super excited!
 Other than that the week was pretty calm! 
Didn't get robbed or stabbed or shot or ran over so counting my blessings!
 Love this Gospel and the happiness it brings!! The Church is True!! Love you all!!

Elder Orton

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