Monday, August 29, 2016

August 22, 2016

Hello It's Me.....

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone had a magical
 week because mine was pretty good!
This week lots of things happened! 
First Brazil won against Germany in soccer so I'm happy!
I think if they would of lost I would be dead! 
Everyone here thinks I'm from Germany so it's kind of weird
 but hey I'll just learn to live with it!
 I think our house is a zoo! It's pretty awesome!! 
Every day we come home we find a new animal or some giant bug
 in our house, and hey admission is free! 

This week Felipe was baptized!!! YAYYYY!!!
 Felipe was just a person waiting to find the missionaries!
 He's only know the church for one week and he goes to seminary every day!
The only bad news was that they drained the pool:( 
We don't get to baptize there anymore.
 So this week we baptized in a giant bucket. It only took 4 tries!!! 

Me and Elder Rocha are working hard here, 
I think we learned a little patience this week. 
This week we got alot of no´s,
 but it's okay we only baptize the people that say YES! 
Always working hard here and learning new things.
Love it!

Love you all! 

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