Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29,2016

Hey everyone!!! 

This week was gggreat!! It's fun to finally speak Portuguese
 and know what everyone is saying! 
This week I got to go on splits with Elder Soper. 
I always like to go on splits and learn new things with other missionaries.
 It's also funny when your with other Americans because people 
will just talk about you right in front of your face and they 
don't think we can understand them. 
The funny thing is.. we know what they are saying, so that just makes it awkward. 
Also just about everybody here thinks I am German... 
What the heck people I'm AMERICAN and I sure am proud to be one.
 When I was on splits with Elder Soper we just rolled 
with it so I was german for a day which was pretty fun. 

This week was a little hard as far as the teaching goes.
 We haven't found any new investigators for a while now, 
so this week we will do alot of searching!
 But the good news is Caiu was baptized this week!
 I think as adults we could have a couple things we could learn from children. 
They are always so ready to listen and will ponder and think about whatever you say. 
I think lots of times in our lives we get so caught up in
 the grove of things we never take time to stop and listen.
 We all just need to take time in our lives to pause 
for a moment and think about what we are doing. 
When we do this God can speak to us through the Holy spirit.
 Never forget that. So take time every day, stop read your scriptures 
and say your prayers and God will talk to you. It's so cool being here everyday 
its different but awesome!!!

We have transfers next week so I'm
excited to see what will happen!!


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