Monday, September 5, 2016

September 5, 2-16


Hey fam!! And friends!!!
It's already September! What the heck, where has time gone???
This week is the week of transfers!! I'll be staying here in
 Granja Portugal with my companion Elder Rocha!
 If you want to see my house look up Rua Jose Abilio 
1449 Granja Portugal Fortaleza Ceara Brasil! 
Our house is pretty beautiful! Also got a envelope with 
like a million letters from all the cousins this week! 
Thanks guys I feel loved! 

This week we had a conference  with Elder Lima of the 70! 
It was pretty awesome. He gave a really good talk!
 One thing that I really liked is he talked about how we are the lords angels,
 and since we are, we need to live like angels too. 
We need to be the angels in the lives of others. 
He talked about the importance of obedience too! 
Let us be 100% obedient!

I've been reading in Alma lately  and I love the story Amon, 
and how he was able to teach so many people. 
The important thing is he didn't just show up and start preaching 
but he was an example and friend to everyone.
 I thought about this latley. I need to be as better friend.
 Let us all be better friends in this world, examples,
 let people see the light of Christ in your eyes! 
The light of Christ needs to be shared with this 
world so don't be afraid to step out of your confort zone!! 

Love you guys so much and love life!!! 

Elder Orton

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