Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Germany and Africa

September 26, 2016

Hey everyone! I hope life is great!

This week was fantastic down here in Brazil! The only thing is that everyone thinks I'm
German and my companion is African. People will yell at me when I walk down the street..
"Hey Germany!!" This week I also went on two divisions which was cool. I was with Elder Latão 
for one and Elder Lambert on the other. Elder Latão is from the North of Brazil. It's funny how fast he talks, he's faster than a formula one racer! 

This week Katia was baptized!!! I'm so happy for her! She drank so much coffee everyday but ever since we taught The Word Of Wisdom she put an end to that! She was excited for baptizm! 
It's great to see peoples lives change! 

Next week is conference  too!! I'm so excited! What a cool thing it is to have the chance to hear from prophets of God that receive revalation for our days! The prophet today is no different as in times of old. It's so cool to teach this everyday, to tell people we have a prophet today that lives, and can recieve revalation to help us and guide us!
Baptism of Katia.

This week was good and we are having a good time here in Brazil!

 Love you all!
Elder O.

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