Sunday, October 16, 2016


October 3, 2016

Hey Everyone!! Hope life is glorious! 

This week was Great, and it really passed by fast!  What the heck
it's like halloween already! General Conference was this week! Having general conference on the mission is the best thing ever! It"s like Christmas! So many treasures to discover! 
Saturday and Sunday we met with our zone in the stake center and got to watch conference! 
The cool think is I got to watch 2 sessions in English too! Sunday the secratary of the stake set up a t.v. in a class room and all the Americans had a little English conference party which was fun. Watching in portugese is great be I prefere the voice of the prophet:)

One thing I really loved was Elder Neilson's talk about JOY! It was a great reminder for me!
Sometimes I feel like we forget why we are here and what we are doing, but this life is meant to be enjoyed too. Life isn't just homework and work a 80 year period to slave your life away, but we are here to enjoy it! SO DO IT! ENJOY LIFE PEOPLE!! LOVE LIFE!! If your not enjoying it, change something! We find true joy in the savior and his sacrifice for us. This is the true source of lasting joy! We cannot find this anywere else! He's my Joy! I know that! Love you All!!
Elder Orton

Our district and some random kid!

:) I also found a place to buy pop its so all the sleeping dogs in the road don't like us! We always scare them!:)

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