Monday, October 17, 2016

Another Day Another Dollar

October 17, 2016

Hey everyone!! Hope everyone is doing great!! 
Hope everyone is loving life!! 

This week was great... obviously! I didn't get the chance to email last week 
but this week I have time so wooohooo! This week has flown by. I feel
like I haven't even had time to think! We have transfers in the morning!
I got a new assignment!!! I'm going to be the Executive Secretary of the mission!! haha!!
 I'll be moving areas in the morning to the rich part of Fortaleza called Aldeota. 
So for now i'll have two American Companions!! YA America!! I was I little nervous 
when I first saw my assignment but I know the lord doesn't do anything unplanned so
i'll be blessed! 

Me and Elder Grossi have been working so hard here! This past week we have been 
really going at it! He's such a cool kid though and we get along so well, I dont think i've ever met 
a funnier Brazilian in my life! I've learned so much here in Granja Portugal about everything!
So much about myself ,so much about people, so much about the gospel. I don't think I could ever
replace the experiences i've had here with anything else! I LOVE MY LIFE! 

Love ya all!!!!!

Elder Orton

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