Sunday, September 25, 2016


September 19, 2016

Heyyya people!

Hope everyone is great! This week was definitely an adventure! 
It seems like Monday is just a lucky day, around 4 oclock the phone always seems 
to ring with news on the other side. Last Monday it was an emergency transfer! 
So now I have a new companion named Elder Grossi here in the same area. Elder Rocha my child 
was transfered to the mission office, he will now be a secretary there! haha. The only weird thing is Elder Grossi is taller than I am... weird and he's Brazilian too. So now I am no longer the tallest person in Brazil. 

This week we have been working alot with our investigator Katia. She has been working really hard this week to not drink coffe. She has been doing so good and is preparing for baptizm! Her baptizm is marked for this Saturday which is so exciting! 

We also talked to some funny people this week. We knocked on a door and some young adult/ kid answered the door. I said "Hey Brother, how are you?" He than responded fastly "FIRST DONT CALL ME BROTHER! ITS A FAULT OF RESPECT, AND SECONDLY MY NAME IS RAFIELE!" He then tried to be all intimidating cracking his knuckles and I said " Are you happy today?" he said he wasn't happy... big suprise! But we invited him to church so it's all good! People here are funny.

I've been reading in Alma this week and it's awesome! The love they have for their brothers and sisters that are lost, and how much Alma and his brothers trust in the Lord! Always rememeber to trust the Lord, he will always help you and you will be happy!! 

Love you all
Elder Orton
View from the Mission office
Lukes turtle

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