Sunday, April 9, 2017


March 18, 2017

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is great!!!

I don't have a ton a time today, but just wanted to write you 
guys a little. P-day started extra early today.. haha.
Today I had to take a missionary to the airport. At 3:30 in
the morning! Just me and my Comp. The streets are pretty 
empty here that early in the morning. It's like a desert. The 
taxi drivers don't even pay attention to stop lights or anything here.
They just drive like they are the only one that exists... it's pretty funny. 
The only people you see are all the people at the bars. 

This week was great! Always busy!! We have been really working 
our hardest. I've been reading in Jesus The Christ lately. I am 
really enjoying it. Such an inspired book. I love reading about the Savior 
and all that He did. He was a person just like us. He still was hungry, 
felt happy, sad, had good days and bad days, yet he was perfect. 
He was the perfect example for us. He has already won! 
He lives again. For this we can be perfect like Him. Nobody 
is perfect but we can all do are best and that's what counts! 
That why I'm here to help others know that. I know that too. 
I'm so grateful for that chance every day. I know I'm not perfect 
but I have a Savior. He loves all of us so individually! 
I hope you all know that! 

Love you all! 

Sorry it wasnt a ton! But you guys are the best! 

Love Elder Orton

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