Monday, January 2, 2017

Feliz Novo Ano

Hey everyone!!!
 Happy new year.. almost!!!! 
Just wait a couple hours.
Hope everyone had a great week and a great Christmas! 

This week was really great! With Christmas and the New year coming up 
it's a good time of year! I know I didn't email very much last week but Christmas was 
awesome! The week before we had our Christmas conference. 
 The whole mission was there! I got to see everyone and it was really great!
 The President and his wife went 
all out this year too... it's their last Christmas here in the mission
 so they made it quite a party! Christmas Eve was great too! 
We have p-day Saturday here, so it just ended up being Christmas eve.
 While all the other missionarys had to work and study at night we
had our own little party in our apartment. We baked a turkey! Suprisingly it worked out too. 
We made so much food, set up a table and put it out on our deck and had the best Christmas dinner ever. Sunday was great. That morning we woke up and went to Church! 
When we got there, we had two investigators that already showed up! We were so excited.
That was a Christmas present! We haven't even taught this family and they came to church just because I called them the day before. This week we taught a little more and they have dates! We are excited for them! After church we ate lunch then went and skyped our familys! It was great! It's crazy it's already been a year since we talked. 
This Christmas was perfect and definetly one i'll never forget. 

This Christmas was really special. This Cristmas was about Christ. 
Love being here and the chance I have to tell others about the good news.
That He was born, and He lives again! 

Love you all!
Elder Orton

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