Saturday, November 26, 2016

Feliz dia das Gracas!

Saturday November 26, 2016

Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! 
I hope everyone ate plenty of turkey and mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving.

This week was pretty eventful lots of things happening! I took someone to the airport for the first time which was cool. It was crazy though just about everything you could imagine went wrong with his ticket. I'll spare the's a long story and he almost missed his flight.. but he made it!! Whooo hoo! I got a little reminder on the power of prayer in our lives this week. I really thought we wouldn't be able to do anything and he would have to go home the next day, which wouldn't of been a huge deal in the end. But, when we were there trying to figure it out I just said a little prayer that everything would work out and we could do something. Not long after, it worked out and he could get his ticket. It might of not been the biggest thing but God is always listening and he wants to help us. He is waiting for us. It could be anything, but we can always pray to him and he is ready to help.

Thankgiving was great too. I started out the day going to a house with Elder Rocha to fix a washing machine. We had to take the motor out. It's always fun getting a little dirty. We got to the point to get it out and it wouldn't budge. We were just beating the heck out of it but it wouldn't move. We tried everything, pulling, pushing, and even poured oil on it but nothing happened. In the end we ended up with a broken hammer which was sad, but later in the day we got it!  HAha ( Just reminded me working in the garge with dad was kinda fun) Then later we just had the normal rice and beans for lunch. It was still a great thanksgiving though. 

Sunday was a great day!
We had the baptism of Manuela! That was a pretty great day. It was pretty funny
though, that day was the primary program so we got to hear from the primary 
kids in sacrament meeting. Brazil sure puts on a good show! After church was her baptism!
Right before the baptism she started getting super nervous though, she has a fear of drowning 
so that was great. We had some young women from the ward help her out and she finally got into the water. When we were in the water I thought she was going to rip my arm off because she
was squeezing it so tight. I'm really suprised she didn't pass out. She was pretty nervous.
She did it though. We were all so happy for her. Later that night we passed by to teach her, and we had a pretty cool experience. We asked her what she felt after she got baptized. She said three things, Peace, love, and she felt clean, perfectly clean. Everything she had ever done wrong just disappeared. She was so happy even though she was so nervous she felt great after. So cool to hear the testimony of people after they are baptized. Love how real the gospel is and how we have the chance to repent. Not only once though. We have this chance every week when we take the sacrament. Every week we can be perfectly clean again and start new.

Love being here everyday is the best! 

Love ya allllllll!!!

Elder O.

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