Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mias um (Another)

Nov. 19, 2007

Dear Everybody,

I hope all your lives are fantastic back in the States, 
I hear by now there is a wall all the way 
around the border so I may never be able to get to the United States...
 But it's okay! This week 
was pretty good! The week started out pretty crazy. So Saturday was great ...
every thing was going great, we talked to so many people and they 
were all excited to go to church. Then Sunday came around and everything 
was perfect. We had so many people at church and our baptism was ready.... twas a happy day. 
Then we went to turn on the baptism font and nothing.
 What? No water? What the heck? The chapel didn't have any water so we had 
to delay our baptism until this week, but she's getting baptized in the morning!!!
 YAY! Would have been an easy solution if we were Catholics but hey.. Baptism by emersion. 

It's been busy this week though, Elder Wade and Elder Davies
 got transfered so now I don't have anybody training me in the office, 
I'm all alone, I'm a big boy now.:) Also got to travel a little bit. On Wednesday
 I went with Elder Flores to go sign a contract for some house. Then after the 
Sisters that live in that house gave us peanut butter, so my stomach was happy that day. 

Time here is flying by. I feel like I just need to run a hundred miles an hour 
to teach all the people I want. I love teaching the people that are truley ready 
to hear the Saviors call. This week I'm still studying in 3 Nephi when the Savior 
visits. He makes it so clear in his words. The Book of Mormon really is another 
testament of Jesus Christ. The truth you'll find in that book is more than you could
 search for and find in 100 lifetimes. The love for the Savior is indescribable. 
He cried for the children. Imagine  how much he loves each and every one of us. 
Being a missionary is awesome! 
Being able to tell people how much the Savior loves them.

Love you all!!!
Elder O. 

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