Sunday, November 13, 2016

Let's Make America Great Again

November 12, 2016

Hey everyone! I hope everything is going great in America! From what I here from all the drunk people in the street... I hear we have a new president. All the drunk people know everything 
about politics here. I think they would be really good lawyers.
 They don't let any news pass by them. 
This week was great as always! Me and Elder Wade are pretty much killing it.
 It's awesome being with him. The work is going great, and we have a baptism this week,
 and 3 more marked for next week! aaaa!
 Even though we have like three hours per day to teach we are doing good.
 This week we found a family. Me and Elder Wade were walking 
down the street and some girl on the corner yelled "HELLO!"
 in english, so we went over and talked to her. Her mom was sitting 
outside the house selling stuff so we started talking a little with her too.
 We left a pamphlet there and told them to read it. When we came
 back later in the week the daughter had read everything and even
 made a little paper with a summary of the pamphlet .
 That night we taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
 They accepted baptism dates for next week which is exciting. 

I've been reading in 3 Nephi lately and it is just awesome!
 When Jesus Christ comes to the Americas and visits the people.
 One thing I've been thinking about a little was one thing he said, 
he said he came to fufill the law, not to destroy it. But what He's talking 
about there is the law of Moses. Then he says those that come to 
me with a broken heart and contrite spirit will recieve the kindom of heaven.
 I just think sometimes we take things for granted in our lives.
 Really the gospel is so simple, we don't have to do a billion things,
 this and that, but we just have to love God and keep the commandments.
 When we do this, our lives will be so much easier, simpler and happier. 
The gospel is awesome and so simple. I love it.

Love all of you, and appriciate all the letters I receive.
 I can really feel everyones love for me!!

Elder Orton :)

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