Sunday, December 4, 2016


December 3, 2016

Hey friends! 

This week was great! Wow I can't believe how crazy it was though! It was the craziest thing ever!!
This week was transfers so as you could imagine the mission office was a hip and happening place! It's crazy how much really goes on behind closed doors. There's so much planning that
goes on.. But it was successful! All the missionarys are in their new areas and safe!!
We recieved the new missionarys in the mission too! There was a lot of problems 
with their visas and stuff so I had to get that all worked out last week. I've never talked to 
so many people in my life! I think I was seriously on the phone for a day straight. 
At one point I think I was on two phones speaking portuguese in one and in english on the other! haha! Crazy week! 

We also had something cool happen yesterday too! So after a long week figuring everything
out and getting everyone situated we finally got down to the good work! Last night we had an interview marked for one of our investigators named Davi. We showed up in the chapel and were waiting there for a little while. He showed up so we went up stairs and he had his interview.
When he came out he was like.. "Can I be baptized today??" We were like ya you could.. but I think it would be better in the morning for when we had it marked. Then he was like "No I want to get baptized today!" We were like okay... then lets do this! One of the members from the bishopric was there with me and Elder Soper. We had a little reunion and did the baptism! It was probably the most unexpected thing I've ever done! Sometimes you work so hard to help people work towards baptism
and it's so hard, then sometimes people are just like BAPTIZE ME TODAY!!!!! 

Always love being part of this work! I know there's nothing better I could be doing!!!
Love the gospel!!! It's true!!

Elder Orton

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