Sunday, December 18, 2016

Feliz Natal

Saturday December 17, 2016

Heyooo Family!!!!
Hope everyone is having a super very
merry jolly holly Christmas season. Tis the time of the year!!!
What a cool thing we get to have every year to celebrate 
the Saviors birth!

This week was fantastic. Lots going on and goes by fast. I looked
at the date this morning and I was like what??? It´s already the 17th?
Think my calender must be wrong. Last Sunday was really cool.
We had a conference where all of Brazil particapated. We got
to here some of the 70´s speak and also Elder Jeffery Holland. 
The thing was, all of the talks were in portuguese which was really 
cool. Then Jeffery R. Holland got up to speak. He started speaking 
Portuguese... I was like NOOOO WAYYYY. It was awesome. He just did the first 
part in Portuguese then switched to English and a translater translated it.
He gave a great talk. In the end it switched to him again and he bore his testimony in
Portuguese. It was really powerful. I love listening to apostles speak because there is
always a special power behind their words. 

Today we also have the baptisms of Auxiliadora and Edwarda. 
They have been working towards baptism for a long time! I'm so excited for them!
 Sorry I haven't been sending pics but where I am I cant:( but dont worry I'm taking lots!

Really love this season and the chance we have to remember the Savior.
There really is nothing better to celebrate that  He is our Redeemer and we
are nothing without him. I love him for that and what he has done for me!
So remember him this time of year and what he did for you and share 
that light with others. 

Love ya ALLLLL!!


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