Friday, June 10, 2016

Monday June 5 2016

Hey everyone it's Monday!! Hope everyone is doing well! I love hearing from you guys!
 Today I hit 5 months out in the mission! So crazy! 
Where does time go? I felt like I just left yesterday! 
This week was good! Nothing to much happened but we've been teaching a family this week,
 Viviane Fransisco, and Ana Clara. They are awesome! 
We marked a date for them this coming Sunday so pretty excited!
 Fransisco and Ana Clara are pretty funny. 
They're 9 and 11 years old and really smart.  
They love to read so everything we give them they'll read it before our next visit. 
Fransisco has read like half a first Nephi this week! 
Pretty impresive for a 9 year old! 
They are are great family, so keep them in your prayers! 
Always great here in brazil! Love the work!

We also had a little bbq last p-day at the church,
 also played a little basketball also! 
The brazilians are pretty funny when it comes to cooking they love to eat! haha!

Love You All!
Elder Orton  

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