Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday June 13, 2016

A little late in posting and its pretty short....

Hey guys I hope everyone is having the best day of their lives! 

Big things are happening down here in Brazil!
 Today is transfers and I will be going to a new area and training!
 Life is about to get crazy! I only have 4 months out in the field and I don't speak 
Portuguese  perfectly but I know the lord will qualify those who he calls.
 Super excited to get to train though! 
This week we had a conference with Elder Christansen of the 70! 
It was awesome!
He talked about so many things that where so simple yet so profound. 
One of the things he says he does every day when he wakes up is say 
(What will he teach me today that will help me tommorow?) 
I thought this was awesome! The lord will always teach us something everday of our lives.
 No matter how smart we are or how long we have lived we will always have something to learn,
 we just have to take the time to see God in our lives! 
This week will be busy but excited for what is to come! 
Pray for me! 
Love you all!!!
Elder Orton
​A Pic of me and my father and a beutiful Church!

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