Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday June 27, 2016

Hey everyone! 
Things down here in South America have been crazy lately!
 These past two weeks have been so crazy I haven't had a chance to 
stop and think for a little bit. 
I'm here in an area called Granja Portugal! 
It's probably 10 times more ghetto than my old area but I love it! 
I also am training a new compaion Elder Rocha which is crazy. 
He's from são paulo. 
This past week we have been working non stop to find 
investigators because this area was closed a couple months ago so we get to open it again! 
The Ramo here is tiny but the members are awesome! 
They want to help us wiith everything they can.
 Me and Elder Rocha also had to give talkes yesterday in sacrament meeting. 
1st time in mission! I thought I was going to be super nervous but when
 I got up to talk I just talked and it wasnt even hard! 
Yesterday we were talking to some lady in the street 
and asked her if she had a few min. for us to share a message.
 So we walked to her house with her. We taught the restoration and when we
 talked about the first vision she started crying, so that was pretty cool! 
We will return next saturday and we marked a baptism date for 2 weeks so pretty excited! 
Lots has happened here and time really flys its crazy! Love You all!
Elder O
Heres a pic a me and my comp. We bought cake and icecream for my b-day

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