Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 17 May 2, 2016

Hey Everyone!!! This week was great! I hope you guys had a 
good week filled with happiness and joy!

This week was great filled with lots of hard work and sweat!!
 Many peope may ask what the hardest part of a mission is? 
The hardest part is keeping your shirts clean when you sweat so much! 
 No not really but it sure is challenging! 
Every week I'm here I feel like it gets better and better. 
The language gets easier and eaiser and you learn alot every day. 
This week we taught alot of lessons, and I feel like I can actually 
understand what's going on! It's great! 

Today is transfers! I'm staying here in Alvero Wayne with my same companion! 
I was hoping for the Amazon Forest, but maybe next transfer!

Just wanted to share a scripture that I liked alot! Isaiah 40.
 I dont know the verses but it's like the last 4 verses of the chapter I think! 
I Love this and it helpes me remember that we have to rely on the Lord. 
You can't do anything great without the help of the Lord. 
I know the Savior has helped me alot and I couldn't do anything without him. 
He is my best friend here in the mission and I hope all of you feel the same. 
 Love this gospel and the happiness it brings to my life! 

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