Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 23, 2016

Hey everyone! Hope lifes good!
Things always happening down here in Fortaleza!
This week was good!

I've been out in the field for 3 months already what the heck?! 
Time really flys here its weird! This week we found some new investigators! 
It's always great when you work hard because the Lord will deliver! 
So last week we were in church and a family showed up. 
We came to find out that the dad has been a member for many years 
but was just inactive. He never talked about church or religion 
with his wife and daughter. 
Things happen in life and for some reason they decided to come to church. 
That's when we met them. We set up a appointment to teach them on Saturday. 
When we showed up and started talking to them 
the first thing they asked was.. 
When can we get baptized? 
I think me and my comp were a little confused because things like this never happen! 
We taught them the Restoration and about Joseph Smith and invited them to pray.. 
But apperantly they did their research before we showed up. 
They read almost all of 1 Nephi and prayed about the Book of Mormon
and if our Church is true. The lord prepares people in certain places at certain times. 
 I don't have a doubt. 
I know this church is true and God wants all of his children to live with him again. 
So cool to see the work of the lord! 

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Orton

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