Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 28, 2016
Week 12

Hello everyone!!!

 This week went by so fast holy cow!! Today we have trasfers!!! 
Crazy!! Im already going to be on my second transfer! 
YAY!! Now I won't be the youngest American in Brazil!! 

This week was good, and by golly it passed by so fast!! 
Monday- P-day 
Tuesday- Taught a lot of lessons, walked to the moon and back
 and talked to a really drunk man.
Wednesday- Went on splits with Elder Pimentel.
 Really good missionary and fun to be around
Thursday- Went to city center and got to talk to all sorts of people!
Friday- Lessons and Contacts
Saturday- Studied a lot and taught lessons
Sunday- Easter and Church!

This week was great! Filled with lots of hard work and sweat.. as always!
 Nothing too crazy happened this week just the normal,
 lots of lessons and lots of  Portugese, also found a lot of new investigators this week!
 Hopefully this next transfer we can baptize all of them!!
 This week was Easter so I got to see how the Brazilians do it! 
It actually wasn't much different, lots of chocolate and a
 good excuse for people to spend money.
 We got to go to city center this week which was fun! 
We were inviting people to a play about the life of Christ.
 It was cool being in the Center where everything happens! 
I felt like I got to see a lot more of the culture being down town!
 It's fun being here and it gets better and better everyday!

This week was Easter weekend! What a great thing that happened this weekend,
 about 2000 years ago! Jesus Christ rose from the grave to overcome death! 
We all have the chance to live again!
  Not just live again, but live with our families in the precense of God for all of eternity!
 What great news! All of this possible through the atonment of Jesus Christ.
 I thought about this a lot this week and how special it is that
 I have the opportunity to teach these things! 
I'm Graetful for the Savior and the way this gospel has changed my life!
 The opportunity I have to repent and be clean again,
 and all the joy this gospel brings in my life! 
What a great thing that happend on Sunday morning 2000 years ago!
 p.s. (Read Luke 24) Great chapter]

What a crazy experiance getting to be here! 
Love You All!!

Elder Orton

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