Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016
Week 13


Hello friends!!! 
Hope you are all loving life, 
and more importantly having a spectacular day!!!

Just a little layout of my week for you all!

Monday-Transfers!! Stayed in my area 
Alvaro Wayne with my comp. Elder Vinicius
Tuesday-Rained allllll day
Wednesday-Had district meeting and got to teach
 two of our investigators
Thursday-Lots of tracting
Friday-More searching
Saturday- General Conference
Sunday- General Confrence

This week it rained all day everyday!! I love the rain!! 
It feels so good when it's not 1000000 degrees! 
I also hate the rain! This week we needed new investigators 
but we didnt have to much success which was a bummer. It's
 hard to find people when it rains, nobody 
is ever outside so you can't make contacts. On the Brighter side..
this week was General Conference!!!! Love it!! 
 I dont think I've ever been so excited for
 general conferance in my life!! 
All of saturday and sunday consisted of watching conference! 
Its so cool we have a prophet and apostles called of 
God to warn us dangers in life,  and recieve revalation of things that
 will help us in our lives!! Awesome!! 
We watched every session in Portuguese obviously, I didn't
 understand much but still was grateful for the opportunity to watch conference!

Love all of you!!
 Live life to its fullest and chose the right!! 
Church is true!

Elder Orton

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