Friday, February 5, 2016

Oi Amigos

Hey Everybody!!!

         Hope everyone is loving life, because life is great down here in Brazil!! The weeks here go by so fast I just feel like I just emailed. This week has been good not anything super new though. After the 2 weeks, you feel like every day is the same and they all just mold together.  

        Here at the CTM we get to practice teaching investigators! We have to teach about four lessons a day in Portuguese so you get plenty of practice.  Had a pretty cool experience while teaching one this week.  So we had prepared a lesson plan for our investigator Jose.. and when we got there he told us some problems he was having.  So we totally ditched our lesson and decided to teach about the plan of salvation. The spirit was super strong and we taught a 20 min lesson in portuguese with no planning.  It was pretty awesome!  We got done with the lesson and I couldn't really believe what just happened.  I feel like it wasn't ever hard to was just like any other conversation. 

      It's awesome what the lord can do when you try your hardest and open your mouth. He will provide the rest you just have to trust in Him.  The CTM is awesome but I'm stoked to get out into the field and search for those who need the gospél. It's crazy how fast time goes it already been a month and I feel like I just left. SO excited to get out into the field only 1.5 more weeks!! 


Elder Orton ;)

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