Monday, January 18, 2016

Wow! I don't think I've ever been more excited to send an email in my life!! This is our first p-day  since we've gotten here! It was probably the longest ten days of my life. I just have so much to tell everyone! From the moment we landed in Brazil things were crazy! I've never seen so much urban poor city in my life! The city goes forever! The CTM is really nice and there are a lot of cool kids here but everyone still thinks its a prison. HAHA! I'm way tight with the Brazilians in our room though. They all love me and think I'm pretty funny.. so I guess that makes me feel good. They said everyone will love you if you're just happy and fun, so that will be easy! 

We got to meet the CTM president and his wife! They are wonderful people, but they will be leaving this weekend. We will actually get a new president. I talked to him though, and he knows Brother Johnson. They worked together for many years. From the moment we got here, we haven't stopped studying. It is crazy how fast the language comes though. The Gift of tongues is real people! I also got called to be the District Leader this week, so that's fun I guess! Today has been nice. We finally got out of the CTM. We had the chance to go to the temple!! It was beautiful. It was nice to just get to relax and feel the spirit without trying to think so hard. It's a jungle here though. 
On our ride there we saw some more of the country, and it is just rain forest. You could get lost in the jungle so easy here. I'm a little bumbed out because we can't send pics:/ I guess its against the rules in the CTM, so I will have to send some when I get to the field. In about an hour we get to go outside the gates of the CTM and explorer a little so that will be nice. I haven't ever had to stay in one building for ten days straight.. its harder than you think! Life is great though!! So glad for the chance I have to be out here and serve the people of Brazil. Thanks for all the emails and prayers it helps a lot!! 

Elder Orton

...or Benny.. whatever you like best.

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